1. Due to COVID-19 our offices are temporarily closed. Please send an email to or call our office (501) 569 – 3171 and we will receive your voicemail via email. 
  2. See our latest post for updates in regards to Virtual Advising during the COVID-19 crisis: click HERE to read.
  3. Virtual Lab assistance is available and you can check out our recent post for information on how to set up an appointment with one of our tutors HERE
  4. The form for in-person advising is now available online, and is no longer downloadable. You will get your completed copy by email and then please forward it to your adviser for your virtual appointment.  It can be found under “Advising Procedures” in the “About Us” section menu. 
  5. Registration for SENIORS begins March 30th, be sure to check the academic calendar for your date of registration! The academic calendar can be found in the quick links menu on the home page of or click HERE and bookmark for your reference.

The Department of Psychology is committed to preparing undergraduate students for professional work and further graduate education.

Students receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology will leave the program able to:

  • Understand how psychological principles apply to behavioral problems
  • Engage in scientific reasoning, problem-solving skills, and effective research methods
  • Understand ethically and socially responsible behaviors for professional and personal settings in a landscape of increasing diversity
  • Demonstrate competence in writing, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Apply psychological content and skills to career goals

The Chair of the Department is Dr. Elisabeth Sherwin.

If you are interested in discussing Psychology as a Major, call us at (501) 569-3171, or email the Department Chair Dr. Sherwin at