John M. Faucett, Ph.D., Associate Professor

A native Arkansan, Dr. Faucett received his B.A. at Hendrix College and completed his graduate work at Tulane University in Louisiana.

Courses Instructed

Dr. Faucett has a diverse schedule of courses that he teaches. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses including: Industrial Organizational Psychology, Introduction to Applied Psychology, Consumer Behavior, Psychology and Cinema, and Training Development.


Dr. Faucett is currently working on several projects. He serves as a consultant for UAMS, Coors, The Arkansas State Police and Arkansas DHS. Additionally, he does program evaluations for Americorp and the Neighborhood Leadership program.

Several specialty areas include personality and creativity studies, religious affiliation and managerial styles, and sleep deprivation.


Faucett, J.M., Morgan, E.R., & Poling, T.H. (1995). MBTI type and Kohlberg’s postconventional stages of moral reasoning. Journal of Psychological Type, 34, 17-23.