Rhetoric and Writing Minor, Sheila Speer, Wins 2017 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Student Award

Winner of Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Student Award, 2017

Sheila Speer has received the 2017 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Student Award at UALR. Sheila is a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS) student with concentrations in professional and technical writing, history, and philosophy/religious studies. Sheila will begin coursework in the M.A. in Professional and Technical Writing in Fall 2017.

Dr. Michael Norton, the Interim Chair of Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Studies, said “Sheila has been an exemplary Interdisciplinary student, weaving together pursuits in history, philosophy, religious studies, and writing. She was chosen by the faculty in our department as the winner of this year’s Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Student Award due to her clear passion for learning and dedication to excellence.”

Sheila’s best experiences in the program included working with numerous professors across campus.

“Each professor’s knowledge and zeal for their subject has further instilled into me a desire to take learning to higher degree–pun intended. The writing and history courses have taught me that I chose my concentration areas wisely. I have become a much better writer,” Sheila said.

Jana McAuliff, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, said that “Sheila takes the time to truly consider the method and ideas from our readings in terms of her own life experiences and to actively consider how these ideas might shift her own perspective.  Her care and attention is evident in her weekly writing for the class.”

“Sheila was one of the top applicants to our MA program this year, and we’re delighted that she has chosen to start classes with us in the fall,” said M.A. Graduate Director Dr. Karen Kuralt.

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