Sociology Online

The Sociology program offers many of its courses online.  You may take online courses as a student on the UA Little Rock Main Campus, or if you wish to ONLY take online programs you may choose to be enrolled in the Online Campus.  We offer both the Sociology major (BA) and and a Sociology minor completely online.

Important Course Sequence Information

There are a few things you need to know if you plan to complete your BA in Sociology entirely or mostly online.  The heart of our major is teaching you how to understand social research and social data.  We do that throughout the major, but especially in the required courses Social Statistics, Research Methods, and the Senior Capstone Seminar.  These are key courses in the major which help you reach the learning objectives of the degree.  Each of these courses must be taken in sequence in the order listed above.

This means that from the time you sign up to take Statistics, you have a minimum of three semesters left before you can graduate.  You cannot take any of those courses at the same time because the knowledge you gain in one class is required for the next.  Currently, we offer each of these three courses online only once a year:  Social Statistics is offered online every spring semester, Research Methods is offered online in the Fall, and the Senior Capstone seminar is also offered each spring.  In other words, you need to work with your advisor to plan your progress through the degree to optimize meeting your graduation goal.


The UA Little Rock Sociology Online program was recognized as one of the country’s Most Affordable in 2020.