Any student or advisor who will be driving other members of their organization must have a Driver Authorization Form on file with the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. These forms only need to be filled out once.

Advisor Agreement
Before creating a new student organization on campus, an Advisor Agreement must be completed.

Event Form
Complete this form for any event hosted by your student organization.

Fundraising Application
Any fundraiser, on or off campus, must be approved by the Student Experience Center through this form.

Non-Discrimination Agreement
All new organizations must agree to the UA Little Rock non-discrimination policy.

Origination Form
All new organizations must submit an Origination Form upon their founding at UA Little Rock.

Registration Form
This form must be completed by every organization upon founding and again every academic year to maintain active status. A new Registration Form should be filled out with each officer change. 

Social Event Planning Form
This form must be submitted 10 days in advance of any dance, step show, or event with alcohol, along with a guest list of those attending the event.

Special Meeting Form
The Special Meeting Form must be submitted at least 5 days before any event off-campus where allocated funding is to be expended – whether via university p-card, purchase order, or reimbursement.

Student Trip Authorization
This form must be filled out for any and all trips made outside of Little Rock. It should be submitted 2-3 weeks in advance of the trip. Be sure to also fill out the Travel Authorization form for each student.

Travel Authorization
This form must be submitted with the Student Trip Authorization. One Travel Authorization form should be filled out for each student on the trip.