Here you can find all of the forms associated with Registered Student Organizations:

Event Form

  • Complete this form for any event hosted by your student organization.

Advisor Agreement

  • This must be submitted when originating an organization, and any time an organization’s advisor changes.

Catering Waiver Request

  • This online form can be used to request a waiver to use food that is not Sodexo on campus.

Driver Authorization

  • Any student or advisor who will be driving other members of their organization must have a Driver Authorization Form on file with the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. These forms only need to be filled out once.

Fundraising Application

  • Any fundraiser, on- or off-campus must be approved by the Student Experience Center through this form.

Non-Discrimination Agreement

  • All new organizations must agree to the UA Little Rock non-discrimination policy.

Origination Form

  • All new organizations must submit an Origination Form upon their founding at UA Little Rock.

Registration Form

  • This form must be completed by every organization upon founding and again every academic year to maintain active status. A new Registration Form should be filled out with each officer change. 

Social Event Planning Form

  • This form must be submitted 10 days in advance of any dance, step show, or event with alcohol, along with a guest list of those attending the event.

Special Meeting Form

  • The Special Meeting Form must be submitted at least 5 days prior to any event off-campus where allocated funding is to be expended – whether via university p-card, purchase order, or reimbursement.

Student Trip Authorization

  • This form must be filled out for any and all trips made outside of Little Rock. It should be submitted 2-3 weeks in advance of the trip. Be sure to also fill out the Travel Authorization form for each student.

Travel Authorization

  • This form must be submitted with the Student Trip Authorization, one form should be filled out for each student on the trip.