Student Organizations FAQ

How do I start an organization at UA Little Rock?
Check out our helpful Starting an Organization page.

How do I join an organization?
Take a look at the Organization Directory for president and advisor contact information. Email or call them to get information about joining the organization. You can also attend some of our frequent Student Org Fairs on campus.

What do I need to do to update my organization for the year?
If your officers have changed, or you just want to be sure you’re active for the year, fill out a new Registration Form.

We have a new advisor, what do we do?
Have the new advisor fill out an Advisor Agreement and turn it in to the Student Experience Center.

How do we get funding from the Student Experience Center?
Check out the page on funding applications.

What can we buy with our funding?
Read more about the spending guidelines. Be sure you’ve completed the Financial Training module before spending any funding.

All of our relevant forms can be found on the Forms Page. You can also learn more about our Fraternity and Sorority life.