What is “Active Status?”

Stay Active in SSS

Uploaded by TRIO Student Support Services at UA Little Rock on 2022-07-20.

Participation is required for funding opportunities with SSS. Participants must complete these requirements each semester to be eligible for any books the following semester. Ultimately, such participation will: increase a student’s comfort with the college curriculum; assist with learning course material; and help prepare for graduate school and/or a future career. Personal, active participation in SSS should help students get the most out of time in college and the well-earned college degree.

After a student has applied to SSS and completed orientation, a participant must complete a minimum of the following requirements each semester to be considered an “active” participant:

  • Two (2) academic check-in meetings with an SSS advisor by the 10th week of classes, at least two weeks apart, AND
  • Three (3) additional hours of SSS activities fulfilled through any of the following:
    • Pre-approved campus events
    • SSS-sponsored events sent through the This Week in TRIO and TRIO listserv (which count 1 hour each, unless otherwise noted)

We understand our participants are very busy balancing  academic, work, and life demands. Please note there are over 550 business hours in each semester (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.). We are asking students to spend about five (5) of those with us, including advising meetings, which may be conducted by phone, if needed. Tutoring hours count towards SSS participation per SSS advisor’s approval.  SSS tutoring can take place during evenings and weekends, depending on the availability of tutors. This adds to the potential pool of time through which ones can meet the SSS participation requirements.

SSS is a Federally-funded program and is accountable to UA Little Rock and to the US Department of Education. We must provide or facilitate the services for our students for participation to count toward SSS, or else nothing distinguishes our participants from any other students on campus. This is a Federal requirement.

If you require any further clarification, please set up a meeting with the SSS Director.