TRIO Student Support Services is not a financial aid program.

The benefits listed below are opportunities that are only available to eligible students who participate fully in SSS, and as funding and resources allow.

UA Little Rock’s TRIO Student Support Services is predominately funded by the U.S. Department of Education and receives additional financial support from UA Little Rock.

Student Aid

Some SSS participants may be eligible to receive additional financial support to ease the burden of educational costs. The application must be submitted online and is available at the provided link next to the title of the funding. These opportunities include:

Textbook loan service

Read instructions below first – Application may only be submitted once, and all requested information must be provided for consideration of award.

  • Funded through UA Little Rock’s Office of the Chancellor and the Office of Alumni and Development
  • Only available as funding and supplies permit
  • Applicants must be registered for appropriate (per degree specification) semester classes
  • SSS will not purchase any books until that student has returned currently loaned books
  • SSS staff members will determine which books will be loaned each semester
  • SSS will not purchase access codes, books with access codes, or lab or workbooks
  • Active SSS participants may be eligible to borrow up to two books per semester
    • Active status for Spring textbook loan is at least two academic check-in meetings and three additional hours of SSS participation completed in the Fall
    • Applications for SSS students who do not meet “active status,” but who participated in prior semesters, will be processed after all eligible students and after the first week of classes
    • A rubric will be used to ensure a holistic and equal opportunity to receive textbooks
  • Access the Textbook Loan Agreement here
  • Other conditions may apply

Chancellor and Provost Scholarship

  • Funded through the Chancellor and Provost offices
  • Application may only be submitted once, and all requested information must be provided for consideration of award.
  • For up to 25 SSS active participants enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate credit hours, who are in at least their second semester of SSS active participation
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Can be awarded once per academic year (fall, spring, or summer) for a total amount of $500. May submit an application during either fall or spring semester. Will not be awarded past summer of that academic year. Application is sent via email in March and October.
  • Must be an active SSS participant who, in the semester of application, has met the basic requirements of maintaining active participant status: 1) has met with his or her SSS advisor at least twice, and 2) has completed a minimum of three hours of SSS activities, including tutoring, workshops, and educational/ cultural events.
  • Must be in good standing with financial aid and have unmet financial need that exceeds the minimum award amount
  • A rubric will be used to ensure a holistic and equal opportunity to receive the scholarship
  • Requires one faculty recommendation from a faculty member in the applicant’s major/field of interest with whom the applicant has taken a class
    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to request a recommendation directly from a faculty ember and provide the link to the form for submission.
  • An applicant should prepare in advance and submit in the online application a 250-word essay describing your career goals. If uncertain of specific goals at this time, it is recommended to discuss some career options being considered.  **This essay must be edited and of acceptable quality.** If necessary, visit the University Writing Center to receive support in constructing this essay. Prompt: In 200-250 words, describe your career goals, possibly including what led you in such a direction and why you would like to work in your chosen career.
  • Financial Literacy: All scholarship applicants must watch the Khan Academy/Bank of America Better Money Habits videos, “Repaying Student Loans” and “Consolidating Student Loans”– AND complete the quiz (You must achieve at least a 70/75 on the quiz).
  • Other conditions may apply