Planning, Administration, and Finance



Sustainability Infrastructure

  • The Chancellor is to be commended for his foresight in the creation of a Sustainability Committee. His leadership in this area sends a strong and clear message to the campus community that sustainability is a priority for his administration.
  • The committee has a sustainability communication coordinator.
  • The committee has student, faculty, and staff representatives.
  • There is intercampus collaboration on sustainability through UA Little Rock Sustainability Committee participation on the statewide Green Schools Advocacy committee of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) – Arkansas Chapter. There is also intercampus collaboration on sustainability through the joint efforts of UA Little Rock, Philander Smith, and Arkansas Baptist to create an intercampus student chapter of the USGBC.
  • The committee has developed a university sustainability website as part of its communication efforts.
  • The committee has developed Facebook Fan Page

Community Relations and Partnerships

  • UA Little Rock has a permanent community service office (Office of Community Engagement) in place to facilitate and promote community service participation.

Diversity, Access, and Affordability

  • UA Little Rock’s student body is the most diverse of any institution of higher learning in the state of Arkansas.
  • UA Little Rock has a comprehensive non‐discrimination statement.
  • The university has an objective in the strategic plan to actively recruit minority students.
  • The university has an array of services to provide emotional and academic support to our varied populations of students and to support doctoral candidates from underrepresented groups.
  • UA Little Rock has policies and programs in place to make the institution accessible and affordable to low‐income students.

Human Resources

  • UA Little Rock recently reclassified all classified state employees to ensure that total compensation (wages plus benefits) for the lowest‐paid employees is sufficient to enable these employees to meet their basic needs.
  • Healthcare benefits are provided to all full-time employees and to those employed at least half-time.
  • UA Little Rock currently offers sick and vacation leave accrued by employees – up to 12 weeks away from work as a result of the Family Medical Leave Act – and an opportunity to apply for catastrophic leave, a pool of sick leave hours donated by university employees and allocated by the same.
  • UA Little Rock has as a whistle‐blower policy and an established method to raise complaints and concerns without fear of reprisal.

Trademark Licensing