Faculty and Staff

UA Little Rock faculty and staff work together to support and prepare students to discover the world and their calling in it.

Supporting Our Students

One valuable resource for faculty and staff is the Early Alert Program which is designed to identify and support at-risk students and to provide the necessary support to encourage persistence. This program provides faculty and staff with a means to identify at-risk students early in the semester (preferably prior to midterm). It provides students with a means to refer themselves to the Care Team, refers students to college resources appropriate to their needs, and actively assists students, especially first-year students, in becoming academically and socially successful.

A member of the Care Team (as designated by the student’s major) will make contact with the student within 48-72 hours, if not sooner. We appreciate your referral to promoting retention at UA Little Rock. Please complete the Faculty/Staff Referral Form to make a referral.

Faculty Resources

The executive vice chancellor and provost’s website provides resources for faculty including:

CBHHS IT Support

For assistance with IT issues, please complete an IT help request ticket. Or, for emergency assistance, contact one of the following IT professionals:

  • Nathan Duncan – 501-916-5795
  • Trey Clark – 501-916-6620

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence is another valuable resource along with the Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR) which provides support for faculty using Blackboard to design and facilitate an e-learning course.