Faculty Mentoring Program

“The goal is to become the type of professor you choose to be, and understand how to balance your faculty path in a manner, which promotes success.”

The UA Little Rock Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) is designed to help new university faculty successfully navigate their overall development. It is the official mentoring program for faculty within the Office of the Provost. We recently expanded to support the development of all types of faculty “paths”:

  1. Tenure Track Path: Full-time faculty eligible for tenure & ranks of promotion.
  2. Professional Instructor Path: Full-time faculty eligible for ranks of promotion.
  3. Adjunct & Visiting Path: Part-time faculty.

Each FMP class runs for one academic year. During that year, protégés benefit from useful workshops, run by faculty excellence award winners. Protégés will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions from seasoned faculty members and gain access to additional resources, in order to advance their faculty development.

After successfully completing one year of having official mentoring, proteges are encouraged to continue informal communication with these faculty members. Program graduates receive a letter of completion, and copies are sent to their chair and the Office of the Provost.

If you are interested in participating as a protégé, please contact:

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