Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty Mentoring Program

Program Overview

The purpose of the UA Little Rock Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) is to help establish a mechanism for new tenure track faculty to successfully navigate the various levels of the tenure and promotion process as well as help with their overall development as a faculty member. Each FMP Class runs for one year and during that year, the proteges benefit from workshops built on the pillars critical to tenure and promotion. Additionally, the proteges benefit from having a senior faculty member who is tenured as a source to ask questions and learn from.

After successfully completing the year of official mentoring as part of the FMP Class, the second year proteges are encouraged to continue informal communication with their mentor. Additionally during this second year, these proteges are offered an intense workshop to help them begin to build the components of their Third-Year Review packet (in accordance with their respective departmental governance document). A copy of the 2017-2018 FMP Annual Report can be found on this link

Who will be involved?

FMP is designed for and coordinated by the UA Little Rock faculty. The program is led by a program coordinator and university-level mentors are paired with and departmental-level mentees (protégés). Only UA Little Rock senior faculty members with tenure can serve as mentors in the program. Important information facilitated in workshop format by UA Little Rock Faculty Excellence Award winners will broaden the understanding on the pillars of teaching, research, and service.

What does this program generally involve?

  1. Pairing of a protege with a mentor.

  2. Monthly protege meetings (referred to as workshops) will be facilitated by Faculty Excellence Award winners in either teaching, research, or service.

  3. Meetings between protege and mentor to discuss realities of being a tenure track faculty member.

  4. Proteges are provided guidance in producing their own Faculty Career Development Plan.

  5. Celebration in May for completion of the program as protege.

  6. Letter sent to appropriate department chair from the FMP program acknowledging completion.

If you are either a tenure track faculty member interested in participating as a protégé, or a senior faculty member with tenure interested in serving as a mentor, please contact Dr. David Montague at drmontague@ualr.edu or 501.683.7227.

The 2018-19 FMP begins in November 2018 and runs through May, 2019. Find detailed schedule here