Workday Wednesday update (5/13/20)

Since we are quickly approaching training, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to key terms and concepts. This information will provide you with some foundational knowledge before training begins so you can be ahead of the curve!


The homepage is the first thing you see after opening Workday and it contains all of your Quick Links (known as Apps) in Workday, so you can quickly access information and perform tasks.


Customizable “tiles” are displayed on the homepage that lead to important information and functions related to tasks associated with assigned security roles.

Security Roles

These are Virtual “keys” you have to unlock different types of data vital to the completion of your job responsibilities. The keys are assigned to your position rather than you as an employee, so you have everything you need no matter what!

Workday Inbox

This is a built-in inbox (similar to email) that holds action items for you and can be viewed in an expanded manner to include archived notifications and completed actions.

Business Process 

A collection of actions that are completed in a specific order to achieve a business objective.


A task is a step that must be completed as part of a business process and can show up in your inbox when action is needed.


To keep you in the loop, updates on business processes related to you will be sent to you as a notification. No action is required for notifications.


A reminder to do something, normally outside of Workday, related to a business process. To-Do items must be checked off for a business process to continue through a Workflow.


Customizable, interactive graphics that allow for dynamic analysis information within Workday in real-time are found on the dashboard.

More information will also be provided during training. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, your Workday Organizational Change Management Lead, Courtney Carder at

Thank you for supporting your new Workday!

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Coming soon, I will be offering office hours to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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