Important Message from the Chancellor

As many of you know, recent legislative activity in Arkansas has caused a great deal of concern and distress among transgender individuals and their families in our state. UA Little Rock as well as many other institutions of higher education have worked to inform and educate legislators about the unnecessary and harmful impacts of individual bills. While the final resolution of this legislation will likely take place in the courts over an extended period of time, I want to make it clear that UA Little Rock is an institution dedicated to providing an inclusive learning and working environment where everyone is valued and respected and everyone has the support to operate authentically in their identity.

To the members of our campus community who identify as transgender, I know that you are feeling very discouraged at this time. Please know that we are glad that you are here and that your well-being and success matter to us. Our purpose as an institution is to serve the needs of our state through education, research, and public service. It is vital that we not leave anyone behind in this important work. We are always stronger when we work together.


Christina S. Drale | Chancellor

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