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Who do I talk to about transferring to UA Little Rock?

To transfer credit from another institution, fill out this form to get in touch with a Transfer Specialist.

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor’s information will be located in BOSS. Once you’ve applied and been accepted to UA Little Rock you’ll be able to access BOSS to get to this information. For more information about advising, please visit the College of STEM’s Advising page.

Can YOU be my advisor?

No. We don’t do advising in our department, that all goes through the College of STEM. The advisors who advise our students are in conversation with department coordinators and the department chair to ensure we provide our students the best experience we can.

How are the programs in the department listed on the application to UA Little Rock?

When filling out the application to UA Little Rock, you will find our bachelor degrees under Professional Studies, Engineering: Civil and Construction or Construction Management.

I’m having an issue with technology gear on campus. Who do I talk to?

The College of STEM has an IT Department that is familiar with the technology equipment in our building. If you need assistance, email them at

What did I miss in class?

Though our faculty will work with students who have to miss class for a plethora of reasons, the answer to this question is often found in the syllabus for the class. Before you ask your instructor what you missed, check you syllabus.

Can I apply for Architectural and Construction or Environmental Engineering?

No. The bachelor degrees for Architectural and Construction Engineering and Environmental Engineering are no longer accepting applications. Existing students may find information about the programs at these links:

Can I apply for the Estimating Management Graduate program?

No. The Estimating Management Graduate Certificate is no longer accepting applications. Existing students may find information about the program at the links below: