CSTEM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Each Department/School has a representative on the CSTEM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:

  • Biology – John Bush
  • Computer Science – Chia-Chu Chiang
  • Construction Management/Civil Engineering – Anne Turner
  • Information Science – Bruce Bauer (chair)
  • Mathematics/Statistics – Eric Kaufman
  • School of Engineering and Engineering Technology – Andrew Wright
  • School of Physical Sciences – Bob Belford

CSTEM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Meetings

The CSTEM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meets on Fridays at noon.  All faculty are welcome to attend by using the Google Meets Link.  You can see the current and previous meeting agendas at Meeting Agenda, PCF’s, and CCF’s.

Submission of PCF’s and CCF’s to the Committee

Download the appropriate forms from the Office of Records, then email them to the appropriate representative for your Department or School.  The representative must receive your submission by Wednesday at 3pm to be considered at the Friday meeting.  Please attend the Friday meeting so that you can present your submission and answer any questions.

Submissions Must be Received by October 18, 2023 for the 2024-2025 Catalog

In order to appear in the 2024-2025 catalog, the Provost’s Office must receive submissions by November 1, 2023 (see Timelines for Approval of Curriculum Items).  To meet this deadline, the CSTEM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee must receive the PCF’s/CCF’s by 3pm on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

PCF and CCF Forms and Processes