Explanation of Accommodations in Faculty Notification Letters




Absences related to disability
Access to lecture capture system
Accessible Chair
Accessible Table
Assistive Listening Device
Captioned videos
Clear view for speech reading
Copies of overheads and PowerPoints
Extended deadlines for assignments
Front-row seating
Handouts in digital format
Help finding notetakers
Large-print handouts
May be late to class due to disability or illness
May have meds, food and/or drink in class
May need to stand/sit/walk/take breaks as needed
Oral interpreters
Peanut allergy
Physical assistance in labs
Read environmental allergies statement to class
Record lecture
Reduced and/or more predictable participation
Room temperature
Seating location
Sign Language Interpreters
Speech to text transcription
Syllabus/handouts in advance when possible
Use of laptop
Visual media described

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Brailled tests
Extended Time
Laptop for exams
Large-print tests
May need to stand/sit/walk/take breaks during tests
No Scantron
Oral Testing / Test on tape
Out-of-room Quizzes
Reduced-distraction room
Sign Language Interpreter
Spelling dictionary
Voice calculator
Voice-recognition software

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Alternate format for tests
Discussion Board instead of Chat
Extended Time for Tests (1.5 time)
Interpreter for tests given on campus
Make Audio track from Video Accessible
Make Visual Video Information Accessible
No lockdown browser
Screen-reader Compatibility
Use UA Little Rock email instead of Blackboard Email

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