Dr. Marta Cieslak, Director








Dr. Marta Cieslak joined UA Little Rock Downtown in January 2023. Prior to joining the UA Little Rock Downtown campus team, Marta taught European, US, and women’s history at the Department of History at UA Little Rock, worked as a public historian, and developed programming for community organizations. As a historian with nonprofit experience, she is particularly interested in how we can use the knowledge and understanding of the past to strengthen and improve our communities today.  Marta also currently serves as president of the Polish American Historical Association.

Emily Housdan, Programming and Administrative Assistant

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Emily Housdan joined UA Little Rock Downtown in May 2023. Prior to joining the UA Little Rock Downtown campus team, Emily was a M.A. Public History graduate student at the UA Little Rock Department of History and a graduate assistant at UA Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture. With a strong interest in promoting community engagement with history, she is excited to explore such opportunities through public programming at UA Little Rock Downtown.

Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Small, MBA
Director of Business Networks, UA Little Rock’s School of Business
Primary Instructor, Real Estate Program

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In her roles as the Director of Business Networks at UA Little Rock and the Instructor of Real Estate Development in the School of Business Economics/Finance Department, Elizabeth identifies business partnership opportunities, designs continuing education business programs, and develops public presentations highlighting the work of university faculty, students, and graduates.  She also connects students to the real estate industry by relying on her own industry experience and the expertise provided by an advisory board whose members represent a variety of real estate related fields.  Committed to education and economic development, Elizabeth fervently promotes the University’s opportunities in the community, region, and state.