UA Little Rock Downtown, located at 333 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas, is designed to engage the community, facilitate conversation, and address regional issues and solutions through evolving programs centering on the changing needs of central Arkansas.

UA Little Rock Downtown comprises two distinct spaces, a museum-quality room housing the Joe Jones Mural “The Struggle of the South,” and a multi-purpose room with a view of President Clinton Avenue and the historic River Market District. The space is suitable for professional and educational receptions, lectures, and meetings, and workshops. The two spaces are separated by doors.

Due to the historic and sensitive nature of the Joe Jones mural, all reservation requests must clarify the event type and purpose. UA Little Rock affiliate reservations may be subject to review and approval by the Downtown Usage Committee. All external requests will require Committee approval before booking.

If requesting the Mural Room, the stated event purpose and intent must align with the themes of the space. Events that demonstrate a need or a synergy with the themes of the Mural Room may use the entire space—examples might be a lecture on artistic archival research or a class in Arkansas History.


  • Guests can make arrangements with the Office Administrator of UA Little Rock Downtown between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • All external events will require UA Little Rock personnel trained on proper security and usage procedures to be present. If the Downtown staff cannot accommodate the event timing, additional fees for UA Little Rock public safety personnel may apply.
  • All negotiations related to the event must be finalized between the host and the Downtown booking personnel prior to 5 p.m. at least three business days prior to the event.
  • State law prohibits the collection of admission fees on UA Little Rock property with the exceptions of legitimate university events.
  • If setup is needed prior to the event, the host assumes full responsibility for any items left in the space overnight.  UA Little Rock is not responsible for lost/stolen items.
  • All reservation requests are subject to approval by the Downtown Usage Committee.
  • All requests are dependent upon space availability. Reservations are not guaranteed until the booking deposit is received.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Food and drink may be served.
  • Reservations requesting alcohol services must obtain administrative approval per UA Little Rock policies. Please contact Downtown staff for more information.
  • UA Little Rock Downtown is reserved as is.

Hosts and Attendees

  • All events must have a host present who has signed the usage agreement and who is responsible for the setup of the reception area and all other spaces, as well as the return of the space to its original condition.
  • The host is responsible for monitoring the entry of attendees; it is advised that a host team member be stationed at the entry to greet guests. It is also advised that some form of attendance records be maintained.


Physical Space

  • General table and chair arrangements can be made prior to the event, however, detailed setup is the responsibility of the host.
  • UA Little Rock Downtown’s reception room comfortably holds 90 guests for classroom settings and 200 guests for other events.
  • All areas must be picked up after use, including bathrooms, catering room, and seating areas.
  • All trash must be disposed of properly upon the conclusion of the event. Chairs, tables, and equipment are to be left as found. Tabletops should be wiped clean of all beverages and food.
  • There is a cleaning fee for each event date.
  • Any damages that may occur because of improper behavior or misuse of equipment/facilities during the event may incur additional fees.
  • At no time, for any reason, shall any university property be removed from the space.
  • At the end of the event, all system power and lights (with the exception of security lights) must be turned off.
  • All doors must be locked when leaving the space.
  • Building alarm must be set by a UA Little Rock personnel upon exit.
  • Decorations may not compromise public safety or create a risk of property damage. They must not interfere with access to entrances/exits.
  • Decorations must be free-standing or adhered to using existing display equipment. Tape, pins, or any other material may not be used on any floor or wall surface.
  • Decorations using glitter or confetti are not permitted.
  • It is the responsibility of the host to train on the operation of the technology in space.
  • Groups should coordinate all requests for equipment prior to the event. We have 4, 6ft tables and 3, 4×4 square tables, that when combined can create a conference table that seats 24.


  • Audio/visual capabilities
  • Two 100-inch monitors (computer-driven)
  • The projection system (computer-driven)
  • Access points for connecting to monitors and projection system
  • We have WiFi available for guest use: UALR-Guest
  • Click UALR-Guest and follow the instructions to get Wifi accessibility
  • Any specific software or technology needs should be made to the Office Administrator of UA Little Rock Downtown, Maha Ramzan, at 501-916-3330 or mxramzan@ualr.edu.
  • You will be responsible for supplying all cords and adaptors not specified in the reservation listing.


21+ calendar days
No cancellation fee, a full refund of booking deposit

Between 21 and 8 days prior to event
$100 cancellation fee, refund of booking deposit

7 or fewer days prior to event
No refund of booking deposit

For assistance or any questions about UA Little Rock Downtown policies, please call the Office Administrator at 501-916-3330. Thank you!