Careers in Finance

What You Could Gain

Students choosing the General Finance emphasis develop conceptual knowledge and practical skills for careers in corporate finance and investments. A degree in finance prepares students for leadership positions with a practical understanding of how financial data is used in commerce. Students will learn to analyze, formulate, evaluate and recommend ethical solutions to finance-related problems, you will also be eminently prepared to strategically apply financial data. Areas of concentrated study include financial markets and institutions, investment analysis, international finance, financial management, risk management, real estate finance and investment, microeconomic analysis, entrepreneurial finance, business forecasting, and the list goes on.

What You Can Do

A finance degree qualifies students for various entry level positions in business and the government. Depending on interests and experience, you may choose to pursue a career in financial analysis, economics, accounting, government finance, investment banking, nonprofit business finance, real estate, financial advising or entrepreneurship. If you work as a financial analyst or financial sales agent, you’ll work with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, opportunities and other investments.