New Carillon Has Chimes Ringing Across Campus

BellsUALR students, faculty, and staff may be questioning whether they have heard ringing in their ears, but the sound of chimes is actually coming from a digital carillon recently placed on top of Stabler Hall.

The chime tones are known as the Westminster Quarters, the most common name for a melody that chimes from a clock, usually each quarter hour, according to Vice Chancellor of Facilities Dave Millay.

Currently, the carillon is programmed to sound on the hour starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m., seven days per week.

“The sound of the bells ringing across campus should send the message ‘you are in a special place’ and is the pride of many university campuses across the U.S., and indeed, around the world,” said Millay.

The carillon can be programmed to play seasonal chimes, such as the UALR fight song, he said.

“I am hopeful that the campus will embrace it. To me the chimes create an appropriate campus ambiance,” Millay concluded.

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