What do you do about aphids?

Many times aphids are just a nuisance and do no damage to a plant but a large infestation can injure  your plants. This season they were fond of inhabiting pepper plants so what do you do about aphids?

Here are a few options:

  • Spray the plants with soapy water every few days, especially on the underside of the leaves.  One tablespoon of dish soap or castile soap per gallon of water is enough.
  • Spray with dish soap plus cayenne pepper and/or neem oil.  Neem oil sprays are available at most garden centers.
  • Knock them off by hand or a hose and remove the older leaves.
  • Put beneficial insects like ladybugs or green lacewings on the plants.
  • Grow companion plants like marigolds, garlic, and catnip with the pepper plants.

There’s lots of information online about aphid control.  Here’s a good article that specifically talks about peppers.



Here’s a more detailed article about aphids and aphid control.


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