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student health 101 logoStudent Health 101, the web-based magazine that delivers a variety of health and wellness information to the campus, was sent monthly to all students and employees.

  • 6,888 visits with 4,352 being unique visitors
  • 58% of students polled responded that they had seen or read something in Student Health 101 that caused them to want to get involved on campus, ask for help, and/or take advantage of campus resources.
  • 82% of students polled responded that they learned something they would apply to their daily life.

Under Title IX and Campus SaVE Act requirements, institutions are asked to provide “ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns” related to sexual assault. This act applies to all postsecondary institutions that participate in federal student financial assistance programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. To support these requirements, each month Student Health 101 covers sexual assault and related topics that address the requirements of the Campus SaVE Act.

  • 50% of students read “Profile of a bystander: How to prevent sexual assault on campus.”
  • 56% of students read the article “How we can all prevent sexual assault.”
  • 59% of students read “A student’s guide to getting help after a sexual assault.”

The article about sexual assault was very interesting to me as I am studying to be a counselor. To understand what these people are going through is half the battle. I believe that if I can do this, I will succeed in my future profession.

– Cheryl

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