Defined Benefit Retirement Plan

  • Arkansas Public Employee Retirement System (APERS)

This defined benefit plan offers a pension based on a formula which takes into account the number of years of participation in the plan and average annual salary, not contributions made to the plan. A cash option is not available for APERS. Employees are vested after five years of participation in the plan. Once you elect to participate in the defined benefit plan, you may only participate in the defined contribution plan (TIAA-CREF or Fidelity) under a supplemental retirement plan (SRA).

The APERS system is automatically non-contributory unless you were enrolled on a contributory basis with some other state agency/institution before coming to work at UA Little Rock. UA Little Rock contributes an amount equal to 14.76% of your base salary whether you are enrolled on a contributory or a non-contributory basis.

  • Arkansas Teacher’s Retirement System (ATRS)

Please Note: UA Little Rock is a campus of the University of Arkansas System. The University of Arkansas System is not a post secondary or higher education employer as provided in Act 513 of 2011, and will enroll no new employees in ATRS after June 30, 2011.