Benefits FAQ

1. Q. How long do I have to sign up for Benefits after I am hired?

A. You have 31 days from your Benefits Eligible Appointment Date to sign up for benefits.

2. Q. I have gone from being 40% appointed to 75% appointed, am I eligible for benefits?

A. Yes, once you are at least 50% appointed in a benefits eligible position you are benefits eligible.

3. Q. Am I required to attend the Benefit Enrollment Meeting?

A. Yes, you are required as a condition of employment to attend the Benefit Enrollment Meeting. To attend, contact Department of Human Resources at 501-569-3180.

4. Q. Do I need to notify anyone in Benefits if I plan to go from a 9 month position to a 12 month position or vice versa and if so, why?

A. No. A Personnel Action Form (PAF) is received in Department of Human Resources of all employee changes in classification, salary, etc. Appropriate benefit changes will be made in accordance to changes listed on the PAF.

5. Q. How long are my children eligible for benefit coverage?

A. Eligible dependents children will have coverage until the end of their 26th birthday month. Premiums will continue to be deducted until the end of the month. COBRA coverage will be offered to the dropped dependent after the final day of coverage has come to past.

6. Q. We just had a new baby, do we wait until we get the social security card to add the baby to benefits (i.e., medical, dental, life insurance, etc.)

A. No, do not wait till you receive the Social Security Card. Notify Department of Human Resources as soon as your child is born. You only have 31 days from the baby’s birth to add her or him to your benefit coverage through Department of Human Resources.

7. Q. My son/daughter will turn 26 next month, when do I take him/her off my insurance?

A. You must remove your ineligible dependent(s) from the plan within 31 days of their 26th birthday. Coverage will stop at the end of the month in which premiums will still be deducted. You will need to complete the required paperwork prior to the event. The ineligible dependent may continue coverage through COBRA for an additional 18 months.

8. Q. I have recently married. What do I have to do to change benefits?

A. To add a spouse to the health/dental and life insurance plan, you must complete the necessary enrollment/change form within 31 days of marriage. The coverage will be effective the first of the following month you notify our office. To change beneficiaries on life insurance and/or retirements, contact Department of Human Resources for the appropriate form.

9. Q. What effect does having my premiums taken out before or after taxes have on my choice to drop medical/dental coverage?

A. If you have your health/dental insurance premiums taken out of your paycheck before taxes, you may ONLY make changes to your coverage when you have a Qualifying Life Event. If you elect to pay your health/dental insurance premiums on an after tax basis you may terminate a dependent or your full coverage at any time during the calendar year. You may NOT add dependents without a Qualifying Life Event regardless of your pre-tax/after-tax premium coverage level.

10. Q. I am in the process of adopting a child; do I have to wait until the adoption is completed? If so how long do I wait and what documentation do I bring with me?

A. No, you do not have to wait until the adoption is complete. Children pending adoption may be added when a petition for adoption has been filed – or – when the final court order has been issued. In order to add an adopted child to your health/dental coverage, you must bring a copy of the documents placing the child in your home for adoption and complete a benefit enrollment forms within 31 days of the child being placed in your home for adoption.

11. Q. How do I get new Medical and Pharmacy Cards?

A. Insurance cards for medical, dental and pharmacy insurance are mailed to your home address once your completed enrollment form is received by the insurance vendors.  You may also request a new card by calling the vendor or on the self-service online webpage with that vendor.

12. Q. Where do I find a list of physicians?

A. You will find a list of the participating physicians for the medical insurance on the UMR’s website.

13. Q. What happens to my insurance when I leave employment at UA Little Rock? Can it be continued?

A. If you leave UA Little Rock and have health/dental insurance, you may be eligible to continue your coverage under COBRA.

14. Q. What do I do when medical claims are denied?

A. The first thing to do is contact UMR and find out why. UMR will be able to instruct you on the best way to rectify the problem or discuss ways to appeal the decision. Contact Department of Human Resources if you are unable to get your claims problem resolved after contacting UMR.

15. Q. Do I have to choose an option on the Point of Service plan?

A. No, you do not have to choose an option under the Point of Service Plan. Your coverage/option level is determined at the time the health care is accessed. See Point of Service Plan descriptions

16. Q. Is there a change in my premiums if I am still actively employed and turn 65?

A. No, there is no change to your premiums while you are an active employee.

17. Q. What happens to my health coverage, as a retiree, when I or my spouse turn 65?

A. When a retiree and/or their spouse turn 65 the UA health coverage automatically becomes secondary to Medicare. Premiums will also change accordingly.