The Health insurance coverage has a prescription benefit provided by MedImpact. The following definitions apply to the prescription drug program:

  • Participating Pharmacy means a pharmacy that has contracted with UMR or its designated drug program administrator to provide prescription services to enroll.
  • Brand Name Drug means any prescription drug that is dispensed under a proprietary name.
  • Generic Drug means a prescription drug that is dispensed under a non proprietary name.
  • Co payment means a dollar amount that you must pay each time you have a prescription drug filled or refilled.

Benefits provided for prescription drugs when prescribed by a physician and filled or refilled by either a participating or non-participating pharmacy with a brand name drug or generic drug. Refer to the Health Plan Comparison for the applicable co payment. Coverage is also provided for Oral Contraceptive (birth control) prescription. Birth control items obtained over-the-counter are not covered.