Online Onboarding FAQ’s

How are Onboarding events initiated?

Hiring officials can submit an e-form from the HR website to request an onboarding event for their new hire. This option would be used for benefits eligible and part-time employees or those hired via search waivers.

New employees can also come to the Human Resource office to fill out a quick informational form and complete the packet in our office using our computers in the lobby.

What if I have already completed a paper new hire packet?

If an employee has previously completed a new hire packet, there is no need for the employee to complete the online new hire packet. The New/Rehire Onboarding Packet should be completed by persons who have never been employed by UA Little Rock before, have not been employed by UA Little Rock for a year or more, who have terminated from a benefits eligible position and are in a terminated status, or who are moving from a non-benefits eligible position to a benefits eligible position (or vice versa).

How will I know the employee has completed their paperwork and it has been processed?

Upon completion of all forms and submission of identification documents, the HR-personnel team will send an email to the employee and their supervisor to indicate the paperwork is complete or if more information is needed.

Will I need to visit the Human Resources department if I complete the online new hire packet?

Yes. You will still need come to the Human Resource office to submit your Social Security card and your documents for the I-9 form. Click here to view the list of acceptable documents for that form. If you do not have your social security card with you or need to apply for a replacement social security card, we can do a social security number verification for you in our office if you know your number. This temporary verification is only valid for 90 days. You must present the physical card prior to the 90th day.

 What if I do not have access to the internet?

If an employee does not have access to the internet, they are more than welcome to come by our office! We have 4 computers available that employees are free to use.