Online Onboarding Forms

New/Rehire Online Onboarding Process

UA Little Rock Human Resources is excited to announce our new online onboarding process through PeopleAdmin. To initiate the onboarding process hiring officials, department admin or the new/ rehires can submit an e-form found here.

What should I expect next?

  • A HR personnel team member will process that onboarding event request.
  • The new/rehire will receive a welcome email. After successful login, the new hire will be able to view the tasks as assigned to complete. Daily email reminders will go to the employee until all tasks are complete.
  • The HR Personnel team will process the new hire forms once all forms are complete.
  • Upon completion of all forms and submission of identification documents, the HR-Personnel team will send an email to the employee and their supervisor to indicate the paperwork is complete or if more information is needed.

*Please note, that the new hire paperwork is not complete until the Social Security card and your documents for the I-9 form are submitted. Click here to view the list of acceptable documents for that form. If you do not have your social security card with you or need to apply for a replacement social security card, we can do a social security number verification for you in our office if you know your number. This temporary verification is only valid for 90 days. You must present the physical card prior to the 90th day.


If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a demo, please do not hesitate to call our office at 569-3180 or email the personnel team at!