Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 25-26, 1996

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 1996 MIT ICIQ

A Data Quality Engineering Process (Meyen.D.M, Willshire.M.J) – Download

Beyond Security: A Data Quality Perspective on Defensive Information Warfare (Kaomea.P, Hearold.S, Page.W) – Download

Can you defend your information in court (Wang.R.Y, Lee.Y.W, Strong.D.M) – Download

Competing with Quality Information (Matsumura.A, Shouraboura.N) – Download

Conditions for the Detection of Data Errors in Organizational Settings (Klein.B.D, Goodhue.D.L, Davis.G.B) – Download

Data and Information Quality – Will the New York Times Ever “GET IT”? (Hurysz.J) – Download

Data Quality and Systems Theory (Orr.K) – Download

Data Quality Assurance Activities in the Military Healthcare Services System (Corey.D.J, Cobler.L.L, Lonsdale.T.J, Haynes.K) – Download

Data Quality in practice: Experience from the frontline (Firth.C) – Download

DOD Guidelines on Data Quality Management (Cykana.P, Paul.A, Stern.M) – Download

Estimating the Quality of Data in Relational Databases (Motro.A, Rakov.I) – Download

Knowledge Quality Assurance in Medical Data Mining (Moustakis.V.S, Tsironis.L) – Download

Managerial Issues in Data Quality (Ballou.D.P, Tayi.G.K) – Download

Name & Address Data Quality (Allen.S) – Download

On Information Quality and the WWW Impact (Segev.A) – Download

Systems Approaches to Improving Data Quality (Orman.L, Storey.V.C, Wang.R.Y) – Download

TDQM Versus the Edifice Complex in Data Warehousing (Hansen.M.C) – Download

The Healthcare Industry and Data Quality (Tzourakis.M.C) – Download

The TQM Approach to the Improvement of Information Quality (Dvir.R, Evans.S) – Download