Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 24-26, 1997

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 1997 MIT ICIQ

A Data Quality Engineering Framework (Meyen.D.M, Willshire.M.J) – Download

A Data Quality Handbook for a Data Warehouse (Gardyn.E) – Download

A Model for Delivering Quality Information as Product and Service (Kahn.B.K, Strong.D.M, Wang.R.Y) – Download

A Preliminary Analysis of Data Quality in Neural Networks (Klein.B.D, Rossin.D.F) – Download

A Quantitative Model to Support Data Quality Improvement (Haebich.W) – Download

A Risk Focused Model for Improving Information Quality (Ongstad.L.A) – Download

Customer Information Quality and Knowledge Management (Hu.J, Huang.K, Kuse.K, Su.G, Wang.K) – Download

Data Quality Improvement Activities in the Military Health Services System and the U.S. Army Medical Department (David.C.J) – Download

Data Warehouse Quality: A Review of The DWQ Project (Jarke.M, Vassiliou.Y) – Download

Exploring Some Determinants of ES Quality (Guimaraes.T, Yoon.Y, Clevenson.A) – Download

Information Integrity – A Structure for its Definition (Mandke.V.V, Nayar.M.K) – Download

Information Quality as a Strategic Asset in Inter-Firm Relationships (Christiaanse.E) – Download

Out of Overinformation by Information Filtering and Information Quality Weighting (Berti.L) – Download

Preparing Data for the Data Warehouse (Brown.S.M) – Download

Propagating Integrity Information in Multi-Tiered Database Systems (Rosenthal.A, Dell.P) – Download

Quality – What does it Mean for Strategic Information Systems (Adelakun.O) – Download

Quality Metrics for Healthcare Data (Padman.R, Tzouurakis.M) – Download

Teaching Data Quality in the Undergraduate Database Course (Mathieu.R.G, Khalil.O) – Download

The Impact of Data Quality Tagging on Decision Complacency (Chengalur-Smith.I.N, Ballou.D.P, Pazer.H.L) – Download

Total Data Quality Management: The Case of IRI (Kovac.R, Lee.Y.W, Pipino.L.L) – Download

Using P-Charts to Track Data Quality (Pierce.E) – Download