Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 23-25, 1998

A Preliminary Analysis of Data Quality in Linear Regression Models (Klein.B.D, Rossin.D.F) – Download

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 1998 MIT ICIQ

A Framework For Addressing Data Quality In Distributed Computing Systems (Fletcher.F) – Download

Data Bryte: A Proposed Data Warehouse Cleansing Framework (Mohan.S.D, Willshire.M.J, Schroeder.C) – Download

Data Metrics (Ivan.I, Parlog.O, Oprea.P, Nosca.G, Ivan.A) – Download

Data Quality Tools for Data Warehousing- A Small Sample Survey (Neely.M.P) – Download

Decision Complacency, Consensus and Consistency in the Presence of Data Quality Information (Chengalur-Smith.I.N, Pazer.H.L) – Download

Enumerating Data Errors: A Survey of the Counting Literature (Pierce.E.M) – Download

Establishing the Environment for Implementation of a Data Quality Management Culture in the Military Health System (Burzynski.CPT.T) – Download

Flow Parameters and Quality in Accounting Information Systems (Chandra.A, Krovi.R, Rajagopalan.B) – Download

From Data Source Quality To Information Quality: The Relative Dimension (Berti.L) – Download

Incorporating Stakeholder Values and Needs in National Highway Decision Support System Improvement Planning (Amekudzi.A.A, McNeil.S, Attoh-Okine.B.N.O) – Download

Information Integrity Technology Product Structure (Mandke.V.V, Nayar.M.K) – Download

Information Systems Quality Process in Theory and Practice: Results from a Preliminary Case Study (Adelakun.O, Enholm.K) – Download

Institutionalizing Information Quality Practice: The S. C. Johnson Wax Case (Funk.J.D, Lee.Y.W, Wang.R.Y) – Download

Measuring the Impact of Data Quality on an EDI Enabled Interorganizational Business Process (Vermeer.B.H.P.J) – Download

Modeling Quality Requirements in Conceptual Database Design (Storey.V.C, Wang.R.Y) – Download

Product and Service Performance Model for Information Quality: An Update (Kahn.B.K, Strong.D.M) – Download

Quality Driven Source Selection using Data Envelopment Analysis (Naumann.F, Freytag.J.C, Spiliopoulou.M) – Download

Understanding Data Quality in Data Warehousing: A Semiotic Approach (Shanks.G, Darke.P) – Download