Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 22-24, 1999

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 1999 MIT ICIQ

A Homogeneous Framework To Measure Data Quality (Bobrowski.M, Marré.M, Yankelevich.D) – Download

A Methodology for Establishing and Maintaining Quality in Data Context (Tap.R) – Download

Certification of Information Services (Rittberger.M) – Download

Data Bryte: A Data Warehouse Cleansing Framework (Mohan.S.D, Willshire.M.J) – Download

Developing a Data Quality Strategy in A Provider of Web Based Health Information Systems (Dobbins.J.G, Guess.F.M) – Download

Developing a Framework to Manage Data Quality in Healthcare (Kosar.D) – Download

Do Metadata Models Meet IQ Requirements? (Naumann.F, Rolker.C) – Download

Emerging Technologies For Information Quality Improvement (Ziad.M, Lee.Y.W) – Download

Establishing an Operational Data Quality Practice (Houtsma.J.B, Leonard.T.E) – Download

Hunting of The Snark Finding Data Glitches using Data Mining Methods (Dasu.T, Johnson.T) – Download

Baseline vs Follow-Up Results of an IQ Survey for the Cedars-Sinai Health System (Chun.A.T, Davidson.B.N) – Download

Information Logistics: A Data Integration Method for Solving Data Quality Problems with article Information in Large Interorganizational Networks (Vermeer.B.H.P.J) – Download

Information Quality on Corporate Intranets: Conceptualization and Measurement (Eppler.M.J, Muenzenmayer.P) – Download

Modeling Information Flow for Integrity Analysis (Mandke.V.V, Nayar.M.K) – Download

On The Social Dimension of Information Quality and Knowledge (Diemers.D) – Download

Shaping The FutureBT: Building Enterprise Wide Information Quality Competency (Turner.N.H) – Download

The Virtual Mailing List (Pierce.E.M) – Download