Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 08-10, 2002

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2002 MIT ICIQ
A Framework For Corporate Householding (Madnick.S, Wang.R, Zhang.W) – Download
A Model Of Data Currency In Multi-Channel Financial Architectures (Cappiello.C, Francalanci.C, Pernici.B) – Download
A New Method For Database Data Quality Evaluation At The Canadian Institute For Health Information (CIHI) (Long.J.A, Seko.C.E) – Download
Assessing Information Quality For The Composite Relational Operation Join (Parssian.A, Sarkar.S, Jacob.V.S) – Download
Cost Benefit Analysis Of Information Integrity (Mandke.V.V, Nayar.M.K) – Download
Data Quality In The Context Of Customer Segmentation (Arndt.D, Langbein.N) – Download
Declarative Data Merging With Conflict Resolution (Naumann.F, Häussler.M) – Download
Empirically Testing Some Main User Related Factors For Systems Development Quality (Guimaraes.T, Staples.D.S, McKeen.J.D) – Download
Ensuring The Consistency Of Self-Reported Data (Davulcu.H, Jones.J, Pokorny.R, Rued.C, Swift.T, Tatyana Vidrevich.T, David S. Warren.D.S) – Download
Evolutional Data Quality: A Theory-Specific View (Liu.L, Chi.L.N) – Download
Extending IP-Maps: Incorporating The Event-Driven Process Chain Methodology (Pierce.E.M) – Download
Formulation Of A Decision Support Model Using Quality Attributes (Gendron.M.S, D’Onofrio.M.J) – Download
Information Technology Investment And Firm Performance: A Perspective Of Data Quality (Sheng.Y.P, Mykytyn.P.P.Jr) – Download
IP-UML: Towards A Methodology For Quality Improvement Based On The IP-Map Framework (Scannapieco.M, Pernici.B, Pierce.E) – Download
Measuring Information Quality In The Web Context: A Survey Of State-Of-The-Art Instruments And An Application Methodology (Eppler.M.J, Muenzenmayer.P) – Download
Model-Based Quality Evaluation: A Comparison Of Internet Classifieds Operated By Newspapers And Non-Newspaper Firms (Dedeke.A, Kahn.B) – Download
Modeling The Decision Quality In Sensor-To-Shooter (STS) Networks For Unattended Ground Sensor Clusters (Driscoll.P.J, Pohl.E) – Download
Practical Regular Expression Mining and Its Information Quality Applications (Savchenko.S)- Download
Special Operations Forces Data Quality Issues (Wood.D.M, Hughes.E.R) – Download
Starting With Quality: Using TDQM In A Start-Up Organization (Kovac.R, Weickert.C) – Download
Understanding Hidden Interdependencies Between Information And Organizational Processes In Practice (Katz-Haas.R, Lee.Y) – Download
What Skills Matter In Data Quality? (Chung.W.Y, Fisher.C, Wang.R) – Download