Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 07-09, 2003

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2003 MIT ICIQ
A Comparative Study Of Data Mining Algorithms For Network Intrusion Detection In The Presence Of Poor Quality Data (Lauría.E.J.M, Tayi.G.K) – Download
A Data Quality Framework For Small Businesses (Leonowich-Graham.P, Willshire.M.J) – Download
A Flexible Quality Framework For Use Within Information Retrieval (Burgess.M.S.E, Gray.W.A, Fiddian.N.J) – Download
A Multidimensional Model For Information Quality In Cooperative Information Systems (Missier.P, Carlo Batini.C) – Download
Analyzing Data Quality Investments In CRM: A Model-Based Approach (Helfert.M, Heinrich.B) – Download
A Relevant, Believable Approach For Data Quality Assessment (Shankar.G, Watts.S) – Download
Authenticity Of Information In Cyberspace: IQ In The Internet, Web, And e-Business (Heinrich.A, Koronios.P.A) – Download
Automating Objective Data Quality Assessment (Experiences In Software Tool Design) (Savchenko.S) – Download
ClueMaker: A Language For Approximate Record Matching (Buechi.M, Borthwick.A, Winkel.A, Goldberg.A) – Download
Data Quality In Genome Databases (Müller.H, Naumann.F, Freytag.J) – Download
Effect Of Dirty Data On Analysis Results (Haughton.D, Robbert.M.A, Senne.L.P, Gada.V) – Download
Evolving Knowledge: Empowering Information Users (Neus.A) – Download
Exploring The Mediating And Moderating Effects Of Information Quality On Firms’ Endeavor On Information Systems (Sheng.Y.P) – Download
Extracting Data From Free Text Fields: Assuring Data Quality For ERP Implementation (Allen.M.D, Carter.S, Aiken.P, Cyrus.M.K, Wade.K, McCormac.S) – Download
Financial Reform Begins At Home (Redman.T.C) – Download
“How’s Your Data Quality?” A Case Study In Corporate Data Quality Strategy (Campbell.T, Wilhoit.Z) – Download