Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 05-07, 2004

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2004 MIT ICIQ

A Classification And Analysis Of Data Quality Costs (Eppler.M.J, Helfert.M) – Download

Authoritative Data Source (ADS) Framework and ADS Maturity Model (Ponzio.F.J.Jr.) – Download

A Methodology For Information Quality Assessment In The Designing And Manufacturing Processes Of Mechanical Products (Su.Y, Jin.Z) – Download

An Algebraic Approach To Quality Metrics For Customer Recognition Systems (Talburt.J.R, Kuo.E, Wang.R, Hess.K) – Download

Analyzing Information Quality In Virtual Service Networks With Qualitative Interview Data (Melkas.H) – Download

Applying Name Knowledge To Name Quality Assessment (Hess.K, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Beyond Business Process Reengineering (BPR): Data Quality Engineering (Raneses.A) – Download

Business Requirements Of A Record Matching System (Borthwick.A, Soffer.M) – Download

Completeness In The Relational Model: A Comprehensive Framework (Scannapieco.M, Batini.C) – Download

Data Mining, Dirty Data, And Costs (Pipino.L, Kopcso.D) – Download

Data Quality Strategy: A Step-By-Step Approach (Dravis.F) – Download

Developing, Implementing And Monitoring An Information Product Quality Strategy (Pierce.E.M) – Download

DQ Options: Evaluating Data Quality Projects Using Real Options (Bobrowski.M, Soler.S.V) – Download

Empirical Validation Of The Structure Of An Information Quality Model (Bovee.M) – Download

Getting Better Information Quality by Assessing and Improving Information Quality Management (Caballero.I, Gómez. Ó, Piattini.M) – Download

Information Quality: How Good Are Off-The-Shelf DBMS? (Naumann.F, Roth.M) – Download

Information Quality And The Rising Demands Of Regulators: Reengineering The Customer Investigation Process At Credit Suisse (Klesse.M, Herrmann.C, Brändli.P, Mügeli.T, Maier.D) – Download

Information Quality Function Deployment (Al-Hakim.L) – Download

Information Quality In Complex Sales Increasing Sales Proposal Information Quality Through Corresponding Customer Account Plan Elements (Hyams.R.M, Eppler.M.J) – Download

Logical Interdependence Of Data/Information Quality Dimensions – A Purpose-Focused View On IQ (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Metadata Quality For Federated Collections (Stvilia.B, Gasser.L, Twidale.M.B, Shreeves.S.L, Cole.T.W) – Download

Quality-Adaptive Query Processing Over Distributed Sources (Berti-Équille.L) – Download

Quality Measures And The Information Consumer (Burgess.M.S.E, Gray.W.A, Fiddian.N.J) – Download

Representation And Certification Of Data Quality On The Web (Cappiello.C, Francalanci.C, Pernici.B, Martini.F) – Download

Simulations Of The Relationship Between An Information System’s Input Accuracy And Its Output Accuracy (Gelman.I.A) – Download

Stewardship And Staging Of Information For Enterprise Mining (Wright.J.R, Vesonder.G.T, Dasu.T) – Download

The Development Of A Healthcare Data Quality Framework And Strategy (Kerr.K, Norris.T) – Download

Using The Data Quality Scorecard As A Negotiation Strategy (Campbell.T, Douglass.K, Smith-Adams.W) – Download

WEAVE: An Automated System For Collating Unstructured Data From Web And Legacy Sources To Enhance The MRO Supply Chain (Pokorny.L.R, Singh.H) – Download

Web Design Quality Versus Web Information Quality (Matheus.A) – Download

Website Quality Assessment Criteria (Moustakis.V.S, Litos.C, Dalivigas.A, Tsironis.L) – Download

Where to Start? A Preliminary Data Quality Checklist For Emergency Medical Services Data (Long.J, Seko.C, Robertson.C, Morrison.L.J) – Download