Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 04-06, 2005

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2005 MIT ICIQ
A Broker For Selecting And Provisioning High Quality Syndicated Data (Ardagna.D, Cappiello.C, Comuzzi.M, Francalanci.C, Pernici.B) – Download
A Data Quality Model For Asset Management In Engineering Organisations (Koronios.A, Lin.S, Gao.J) – Download
A Formal Definition Of Data Quality Problems (Oliveira.P, Rodrigues.F, Henriques.P) – Download
A Methodology For Establishing Information Quality Baselines For Complex, Distributed Systems (Bugajski.J, Grossman.R.L, Sumner.E, Zhang.T) – Download
An Introductory Analysis Of The Automated Manifest System And The Global Transportation Network Within The Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV) System Using The Defense Logistics Information Service Data Quality Plan (Hansen.R.A, Cooper.K.D) – Download
An Introductory Analysis Of The Hazardous Materials Information Resource System: Establishing Baseline Measurements For Data Quality And Application Of The Total Data Quality Management Method (Faber.M.E, Eggers.K) – Download
Antecedents Of The Quality Of Online Customer Information (Treiblmaier.H) – Download
Assessing Information Quality Of A Community-Based Encyclopedia (Stvilia.B, Twidale.M.B, Smith.L.C, Gasser.L) – Download
A Systems Approach To Monitoring Financial Data Quality Assessment And Improvement (Fletcher.D, Robbert.M.A, Mohamad.K, Middleton.P) – Download
A Theory Of Complementarity For Extracting Accurate Data From Inaccurate Sources Through Integration (Gelman.I.A) – Download
Believability As An Information Quality Dimension (Pradhan.S) – Download
CSDQ: A User-Centered Approach To Improving The Quality Of Customer Support Data (Keenan.S.L, Simmons.T) – Download
Data Quality Issues In Integrated Enterprise Systems (Strong.D.M, Volkoff.O) – Download
Finding High-Quality Web Pages Using Cohesiveness (Pun.J.C.C, Lochovsky.F.H) – Download
Improving Information Quality Management Using CALDEA And EVAMECAL (Caballero.I, Caro.A, Piattini.M, Calero.C) – Download
Information Quality Cost Curves (Raneses.A, Mielke.M) – Download
Information Quality In Nursing Information System – Experiences And Problems (Ó Riain.C, Helfert.M) – Download
Interorganizational Trust And Interorganizational System’s Information Quality (Ibrahim.M.K.M) – Download
IQ Principles In Software Development (Mielke.M) – Download
Mining Network Logs: Information Quality Challenges (Pelletier.J.A, Dasu.T) – Download
Operations Quality Of Data And Information: Teleological Operations Research-Based Approach, Call For Discussion (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download
Quality-Aware Integration And Warehousing Of Genomic Data (Berti-Equille.L, Moussouni.F) – Download
Quality-Aware Mining Of Data Streams (Franke.C, Hartung.M, Karnstedt.M, Sattler.K) – Download
Reproducible Measurement Of Data Field Quality (Gebauer.M, Caspers.P, Weigel.N) – Download
Requirements Of New Emerging Services In The Ubiquitous Networking Society Based On IQ Analysis (Kodate.A, Hario.D, Kawagishi.H, Tanaka.Y, Baba.T, Seki.S, Nakajima.I) – Download
Strategic Data Quality: From Real World Sources To Real World Uses (Kaomea.P) – Download
The Data Quality Improvement Program (DQIP) Is Yielding Dividends For HUD (Hacker.B, Bissett.R) – Download
The IQ Solution Cycle (Dravis.F) – Download
The Product Approach To Data Quality And Fitness For Use: A Framework For Analysis (Neely.M.P) – Download
Using Commercial Data Integration Technologies To Improve The Quality Of Anonymous Entity Resolution In The Public Sector (Talburt.J.R, Morgan.C, Talley.T, Archer.K) – Download
Value-Driven Data Quality Assessment (Even.A, Shankaranarayanan.G) – Download