Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 10-12, 2006

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2006 MIT ICIQ

A Framework To Assess Decision Quality Using Information Quality Dimensions (Ge.M, Helfert.M) – Download

A Methodology For Information Quality Management In Self-Healing Web Services (Cappiello.C, Pernici.B) – Download

An Analytical Framework To Analyze Dependencies Among Data Quality Dimensions (Amicis.F, Barone.D, Batini.C) – Download

An Improved Method For Automatically Determining Webpage Cohesiveness For Quality Information Retrieval From World Wide Web (Yadav.S, Bellah.J) – Download

An Information Theoretic Approach To Information Quality Metrics (Wu.N, Pierce.E, Talburt.J.R, Wang.R) – Download

An Ontology-Based Approach For Data Cleaning (Oliveira.P, Rodrigues.F, Henriques.P) – Download

A Simple Model To Assess Where An Organization Stands And Outline The Roadmap To Self-Sustaining Information Quality – Information Quality: A Business-Led Approach (Délez.T, Hostettler.D.P) – Download

Assuring Data Quality For ERP Implementation: Part 2-Comprehending The Evolving Picture (Aiken.P, Metz.C, Berta.A, Finkel.B, Skalak.T, Stanley.B, Carter.S, Blevins.G, Sells.J, McKeon.J, Crockett.D, Rafner.D, Hara.D, Farris.J) – Download

Data Quality & Agile Methods: A BT Perspective (Williams.N, Ivins.W.K, Burgess.M.S.E)- Download

Data Quality In Engineering Asset Management Organisations – Current Picture In Australia (Gao.J, Lin.S, Koronios.A) – Download

Delivering Data On Time: The Assurant Health Case (Nadkarni.P) – Download

Determining The Cost And Effectiveness Of Enhancing Data In The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Supply Chain (Pokorny.L.R) – Download

Development-Process-Flow Templates To Advance A Functional Presentation Of The DAMA Curriculum Framework To Ensure Information Quality By Achieving CMMI Level 3 In Enterprise Projects (Longenecker.H.E.Jr, Henderson.D, Smith.E, Cupoli.P, Yarbrough.D, Smith.A.M, Mosley.M) – Download

Disinformation Methods Of Financial Crime Via Email (Petratos.P, Gleni.S) – Download

Evolving A Comprehensive Measure For System Quality (Guimaraes.T, Armstrong.C, Jones.B) – Download

Information Quality Measurement (Gustavsson.M) – Download

Including An Information Quality Index In Assessing ICT Citizen Support Services – Service Quality Evaluation With An AHP Study (Tanaka.Y, Kodate.A, Hario.D, Bolt.T) – Download

IQ Strategy: Assessing The Relationship Between Information Quality And Organizational Outcomes (Slone.J.P) – Download

Measuring The Impact Of Transactional Data Quality On Operational Risk And Capital Adequacy For Global Investment Banks (Jovellanos.C) – Download

Modeling Operational Risk In Data Quality (Raneses.A, Deyong.C, Glasstein.N) – Download

Monitoring Data Quality For Very High Volume Transaction Systems (Bugajski.J, Grossman.R, Sumner.E, Vejcik.S) – Download

“Not All Data Are Created Equal”: Inequality In Utility And Implications For Data Management (Even.A, Shankaranarayanan.G) – Download

Open Technical Dictionaries- A Breakthrough In Electronic Commerce Data Quality And The Transfer Of Information (Grantner.E.L) – Download

Policy Making For Coopetitive Information Systems (Mezzanzanica.M, Cesarini.M) – Download

Proactive IQ Discipline (McLaughlin.T) – Download

Quality By Design: Hud’s Use Of Metadata To Manage Information Quality (Hacker.B.S, Harris.A) – Download

Reabstraction Study Of Discharges From Ontario Case Costing Hospitals (Richards.H, Chapman.A, Pelletier.C, Hawken.S) – Download

Redefining Information Quality And Its Measuring: The Operations Management Approach (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Research Into Information Quality: A Study Of The State-Of-The Art In IQ And Its Consolidation (Lima.L.F.R, Maçada.A.C.G, Vargas.L.M) – Download

Significance Test For The Talburt-Wang Similarity Index (Hashemi.R.R, Talburt.J.R, Wang.R) – Download

The Effects Of Data Quality On Machine Learning Algorithms (Sessions.V, Sessions.M) – Download

The IASDO Model For Information Manufacturing Systems Modelling (Thi.T.T.P, Helfert.M, Duncan.H) – Download

Towards A Capability Maturity Model For Information Quality Management: A TDQM Approach (Baškarada.S, Koronios.A, Gao.J) – Download

Why I Created BDQS (Laboisse.B) – Download