Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, November 9-11, 2007

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2007 MIT ICIQ

A Contingency Approach To Data Governance (Wende.K, Otto.B) – Download

A Data Quality Measurement Information Model Based On ISO/IEC 15939 (Caballero.I, Verbo.E, Calero.C, Piattini.M) – Download

A Flexible And Generic Data Quality MetaModel (Becker.D, McMullen.W, Hetherington-Young.K) – Download

A Framework And A Methodology For Data Quality Assessment And Monitoring (Batini.C, Barone.D, Mastrella.M, Maurino.A, Ruffini.C) – Download

IQM-CMM: A Framework For Assessing Organizational Information Quality Management Capability Maturity (Baškarada.S, Koronios.A, Gao.J) – Download

A Model For Information Quality Change (Stvilia.B) – Download

A Model For Information Quality In The Banking Industry – The Case Of The Public Banks In Brazil (Lima.L.F.R, Maçada.A.C.G, Koufteros.X) – Download

An Alert Management Approach To Data Quality: Lessons Learned From The Visa Data Authority Program (Bugajski.J, Grossman.R.L) – Download

An Evaluation Framework For Data Quality Tools (Goasdoué.V, Nugier.S, Duquennoy.D, Laboisse.B) – Download

A Portal Data Quality Model For Users And Developers (Caro.A, Calero.C, Piattini.M) – Download

A Review Of Information Quality Research (Ge.M, Helfert.M) – Download

Assessing Information Quality In A RFID-Integrated Shelf Replenishment Decision Support System For The Retail Industry (Bardaki.C, Pramatari.K) – Download

Assessing Information Quality Using Prediction Markets (Pierce.E, Thomas.L) – Download

Assuring Data Interoperability Through The Use Of Formal Models Of Visa Payment Messages (Bugajski.J, Smedt.P.D) – Download

Data Integration Schema Analysis: An Approach With Information Quality (Batista.M.C.M, Salgado.A.C) – Download

Data Quality Aspects Of Revenue Assurance (Baamann.K) – Download

Data Quality By Design – A Goal-Oriented Approach (Jiang.L , Borgida.A , Topaloglou.T , Mylopoulos.J) – Download

Developing A Model For Quantifying The Quality And Value Of Tracking Information On Supply Chain (Kelepouris.T, McFarlane.D, Parlikad.A.K) – Download

Development Of The CDMIQ Exam For Program Assessment And Job Entry Certification Of Data Management And Information Quality: A DAMA And ICCP Sponsored Activity Of The Center For Computing Education Research (CEER) Based On IS2002 And SIGITE 2005 Curricula Extensions (Longenecker.H.E, Landry.J.P, Pardue.J.H, Henderson.D, Cupoli.P, McKell.L.J, Reichgeld.H, Wagner.T, Yarbrough.D) – Download

DQ Metrics: A Novel Approach To Quantify Timeliness And Its Application In CRM (Heinrich.B, Kaiser.M, Klier.M) – Download

Efficient Allocation Of Quality Improvement Efforts To Support The Definition Of Data Service Offerings (Cappiello.C, Comuzzi.M) – Download

Emergent Data Quality Annotation And Visualization (Führing.P, Naumann.F) – Download

Information Quality Management: Review Of An Evolving Research Area (Levis.M, Helfert.M, Brady.M) – Download

In Search Of An Accuracy Metric (Craig.F, Eitel.L, Carolyn.M) – Download

Interlingual Aspects Of Wikipedia’s Quality (Hammwöhner.R) – Download

Interorganizational Information Systems And Data Quality Improvement: The Case Of Product Information In The French Large Retail Industry (Corbière.F) – Download

IPMAP: Current State And Perspectives (Shankaranarayanan.G, Wang.R.Y) – Download

Mining Data Quality In Completeness (Wang.S, Wang.H) – Download

Pervasiveness Of Materiality Of Factors In Operations And Their Changes In Decision Situations (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Quality Of Data, Information And Knowledge In Technology Foresight Processes (Melkas.H, Uotila.T) – Download

Relevancy Of Total Quality Management (TQM) Or Business Excellence Strategy Implementation For Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Jha.V.S, Joshi.H) – Download

Rule-Based Measurement Of Data Quality In Nominal Data (Hipp.J, Müller.M, Hohendorff.J, Naumann.F) – Download

Simulations Of Error Propagation For Prioritizing Data Accuracy Improvement Efforts (Gelman.I.A) – Download

Understanding Impartial Versus Utility-Driven Quality Assessments In Large Datasets (Even.A, Shankaranarayanan.G) – Download

When Interactive TV Meets Online Auction: A Study On Factors Affecting User Adoption (Yoo.J, Ha.I, Choi.J) – Download