Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA, November 14-16, 2008

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2008 MIT ICIQ

A Generic Data Quality Framework Applied To The Product Data For Naval Vessels (Stang.J, Christiansen.T, Skogan.D, Kvalheim.A, Irgens.T.A) – Download

A Method For The Identification And Definition Of Information Objects (Schmidt.A, Otto.B) – Download

An Empirical Research On The Evaluation Of Data Quality Dimensions (Fehrenbacher.D.D, Helfert.M) – Download

An Experimental Framework For Ranking Quality Of Information On Weblog (Kargar.M.J, Azimzadeh.F, Ramli.A.R) – Download

An Exploratory Study On The Tradeoffs Of Improving Intrinsic Versus Representational Data Quality In Decision – Making Outcomes (Murphy.K, Neely.M.P) – Download

Assuring Quality Of Geo-Information For Disaster Management (Su.Y, Peng.J, Jin.Z, Huang.X.D) – Download

Characteristics Of Decision – Useful Financial Reporting Information: An Empirical Validation Of The Proposed International Accounting Model (Bovee.M.W, Roberts.T.L, Srivastava.R.P) – Download

Cleaning A Formulation Database Using Rule Discovery Techniques (McClanahan.C.J) – Download

Data Quality Assurance In Work Flow Management (Sun.S.X, Huang.W.J, Zhou.S.Z) – Download

Data Quality Issues In The US Mortgage Origination Process (Lintag.A) – Download

Decision Support With Data Quality Metadata (Shankaranarayanan.G, Zhu.B, Cai.Y) – Download

Enabling Better Decisions Through Quality Aware Reports In Business Intelligence Applications (Daniel.F, Casati.F, Palpanas.T, Chayka.O, Cappiello.C) – Download

Information Quality And Banking Success: Evidence From The Indian Banking Industry (Harold.L, Thenmozhi.M) – Download

Information Quality And Data Management Within A Pervasive Medical Environment (O’Donoghue.J, Herbert.J, Sammon.D, Barton.J) – Download

Information Quality Requirements Classed And Ordered As Operation Factors (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Information Technology And Data Trends In Business (Washington.K.E) – Download

Investigating The Effects Of Information Quality On Trust And Risk In Electronic Data Exchanges (Ibrahim.M, Nicolaou.A, Heck.E) – Download

MMPro: A Methodology Based On ISO/IEC 15939 To Draw Up Data Quality Measurement Processes (Caballero.I, Calero.C, Piattini.M, Verbo.E) – Download

Ontological Framework For Minimizing The Risk Of Non Quality Data During Knowledge Reconciliation In Economic Intelligence Process (Onifade.O.F.W, Thiéry.O, Osofisan, Oyinlola.A, Duffing.G) – Download

Quality – Aware Design Of Repairable Processes (Cappiello.C, Pernici.B) – Download

The Effects And Interactions Of Data Quality And Problem Complexity On Data Mining (Bake.R.H, Mangiameli.P) – Download

Tracing Data Pollution In Large Business Applications (Berti-Équille.L) – Download

Using Association Rules To Detect Data Quality Issues (Hassine.S.B, Clement.D, Laboisse.B) – Download

When Information Products Are Assessed By The Law (Haines.M) – Download