Location: University of Potsdam, GERMANY, November 07-08 2009

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2009 MIT ICIQ
A framework for Economics-Driven assessment of data quality decisions (Even.A, Kaiser.M) – Download
A Meta-Model for data quality management simulation (Otto.B, Hüner.K.M) – Download
A Multi-Dimensional model for assessing the quality of answers in social Q&A sites (Zhu.Z, Bernhard.D, Gurevych.I) – Download
An empirical study on criteria for assessing information quality in corporate wikis (Friberg.T, Reinhardt.W) – Download
A SOA-based data quality assessment framework in a medical science center (Zhou.Y, Hanß.S, Cornils.M, Sonja Niepage.S, Hahn.C, Schrader.T) – Download
Computing uncertain key indicators from uncertain data (Rodríguez.C, Daniel.F, Casati.F, Cappiello.C) – Download
Data quality evaluation in an e-Business environment (Hassine-Guetari.S.B) – Download
Data quality through conceptual model quality – Reconciling researchers and practitioners through a customizable quality model (Mehmood.K, Cherfi.S.S, Comyn-Wattiau.I) – Download
ExplainIE -Explaining information extraction systems (Barczynski.W, Brauer.F, Mocan.A) – Download
Extending BPMN to support the modeling of data quality issues (Sánchez-Serrano.N, Caballero.I, García.F) – Download
Flexible and generic data quality metadata exchange (Becker.D, Jaster.J, Kuperman.J) – Download
How to screen a data stream (Klein.A, Hackenbroich.G, Lehner.W) – Download
Identification of business oriented data quality metrics (Otto.B, Hüner.K.M, Österle.H) – Download
Information management along the lifecycle of data and application systems: Challenges and solution approaches (Fischer.G, Herbst.A) – Download
Information quality issues in the mortgage banking industry (Wigand.R.T, Wood.J, Yiliyasi.Y) – Download
Is DQ/IQ the quality of information? Two views (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download
Master data management: Products and research (Kokemüller.J, Weisbecker.A) – Download
Multidimensional management and analysis of quality measures for CRM applications in an electricity company (Peralta.V, Thion-Goasdoué.V, Kedad.Z, Berti-Équille.L, Comyn-Wattiau.I, Nugier.S, Si-said-Cherfi.S) – Download
Multi-Source object identification with constraints (Gioia.M, Beneventano.D, Scannapieco.M) – Download
Schema based deduplication (Li.P, Maurino.A) – Download
SOG: A synthetic occupancy generator to support entity resolution instruction and research (Talburt.J.R, Zhou.Y, Shivaiah.S.Y) – Download
The quality of monitoring data in Civil Engineering works (Lucas.A, Palma-dos-Reis.A, Caldeira.M) – Download
Towards assessing information quality in knowledge management in the enterprise 2.0 (Ahlheid.S, Friberg.T, Graefe.G, Krebs.A, Müller.J, Schuster.D) – Download
Web-based affiliation matching (Aumueller.D, Rahm.E) – Download