Location: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, November 12-14 2010

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2010 MIT ICIQ
A decision rule method for data quality assessment (Alkharboush.N, Li.Y) – Download
A discussion of methods for the detection of errors in a power law distribution (Sessions.V, Nuhn.C) – Download
A framework for developing better instruments to measure web based health information quality (Swaid.S.I) – Download
A general ranking strategy for data accuracy management (Gelman.I.A) – Download
A hybrid approach to assessing data quality (Woodall.P, Parlikad.A.K) – Download
A new cycle of improvement for information quality services (Abreu.S.C, Almeida.T.O, Ribeiro Jr.L.C, Mello.M.T) – Download
A novel approach to the evaluation and improvement of data quality in the financial sector (Dejaeger.K, Hamersb.B, Poelmansa.J, Baesensa.B) – Download
Analysis of information quality criteria in a crisis situation as a characteristic of complex situations (Friberg.T, Prödel.S, Koch.R) – Download
Assessing information quality deficiencies in emergency medical service performance (Xie.S, Helfert.M) – Download
Assuring information quality of electronic health records in eHealth platform (Su.Y, Yin.L, Al-Hakim.L) – Download
Corporate data quality management in context (Lucas.A) – Download
Data quality as a key success factor for migration projects (Clement.D, Guetari.S.B.H, Laboisse.B) – Download
Dempster-Shafer based information quality processing in smart environments (Messaoudi.S, Messaoudi.K, Dagtas.S) – Download
Enabling transparency & trust in financial data through semantic data quality rating system (Bhatnagar.A) – Download
Enterprise master data architecture: Design decisions and options (Otto.B, Schmidt.A) – Download
Framing data quality research: A semantic analysis approach (Blake.R, Shankaranarayanan.G) – Download
Improving environmental sensor data quality using a categorization of data properties (Gallegos.I, Gates.A, Tweedie.C) – Download
Information quality challenges in social media (Agarwal.N, Yiliyasi.Y) – Download
Information quality for operations: Framework and Model (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download
Managing accuracy of project data in a distributed project setting (Shankaranarayanan.G, Joglekar.N.R, Anderson Jr.E.G) – Download
Master data management: A proof of concept (Galhardas.H, Torres.L, Damásio.J) – Download
Migrating and cleaning data using excel (Wilton.J, Matheus.A) – Download
Quality of information in wireless sensor networks (Sachidananda,.V, Khelil,.A, Suri..N) – Download
Snap-on data quality enhancement and verification tool (DEVA) for asset management (Gao.J, Koronios.A) – Download
Subjective evaluation of perception of accuracy in visualization of data (Abuhalimeh.A, Tudoreanu.M.E, Peterson.E.A) – Download
The effect of data quality on data mining – Improving prediction accuracy by generic data cleansing (Stang.J, Hartvigsen.T, Reitan.J) – Download
Towards a data-intensive approach to named entity recognition (Osesina.O.I, Talburt.J.R) – Download
Towards a high performance merge solution for large-scale Datasets (Mello.M.T, Frainer.G.C, Souza.J.G.C, Luiz.C.R.Jr.) – Download
Tracing infectious diseases in South America: An IQ challenge (Espona.M.J) – Download
Using a Metro-Ethernet project to address IQ challenges with technology (McGinnis.J, Upton.B) – Download
Using information capacity to assess integrated schema (Maurino.A, Batini.C, Grega.S) – Download