Location: University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, November 18-20 2011

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2011 MIT ICIQ

A classification of data quality assessment methods (Borek.A, Woodall.P, Oberhofer.M, Parlikad.A.K) – Download

A fuzzy search model for dealing with retrieval issues in some classes of dirty data (Olufade, Onifade.F.W, Oladeji, Akomolafe.P) – Download

A hierarchical clustering approach to support the data verification process in master data management (Beer.F, Baryga.K.U) – Download

A patient-oriented approach to comprehensive health information quality improvement (Osesina.O.I, Cartron-Mizeracki.M.A, Talburt.J.R) – Download

A software infrastructure for information quality assessment (Ericsson.M, Wingkvist.A, Löwe.W) – Download

Active repair of data quality rules (Chiang.F, Miller.R.J) – Download

An approach using hidden Markov model for estimating and replacing missing categorical data (Cao.J, Diao.X, Zhang.N, Wang.T) – Download

Assessment of information quality used in advice to the Royal Australian Navy (Mead.R.F, Kennett.S.R) – Download

Auditing data streams for correlated glitches (Loh.J.M, Dasu.T) – Download

DAQ_UWE: A framework for designing data quality aware web applications (Guerra-García.C, Caballero.I, Berti-Équille.L, Piattini.M) – Download

Data quality for credit risk management (Moges.H.T, Dejaeger.K, Lemahieu.W, Baesens.B) – Download

Data quality management in a business intelligence environment: From the lens of metadata (Verbitskiy.Y, Yeoh.W) – Download

Design consideration for identity resolution in batch and interactive architectures (Kobayashi.F, Nelson.E.D, Talburt.J.R) – Download

A process for total information risk management (TIRM) in asset intensive organizations (Borek.A, Parlikad.A) – Download

Efficient profiling for estimation of query result quality (Yeganeh.N.K, Sadiq.S, Sharaf.M.A, Deng.K) – Download

Entity identity information management (EIIM) (Zhou.Y, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Exploring the “Crowd” as enabler of better information quality (Wichmann.P, Borek.A, Kern.R, Woodall.P, Parlikad.A.K, Satzger.G) – Download

Federating information system quality frameworks using a common Ontology (Cherfi.S.S, Akoka.J, Comyn-Wattiau.I) – Download

Information quality activities within the industry initiative of service-oriented architecture implementation (Sulong.M.S, Koronios.A, Gao.J, Abdul-Aziz.A) – Download

IQ as an enabler of the green and collaborative supply chain (Le Dû.A.C, Corbière.F) – Download

IQUATE: Modeling the causes and impacts of information quality (Kokemüller.J) – Download

Judgment of information quality during information seeking and use in the workplace (Du.J.T, Arif.A.S.M) – Download

Managing multisource databases: Between theory and practice (Hassine-Guetari.S.B, Laboisse.B) – Download

Ontology-based data quality framework for data stream applications (Geisler.S, Weber.S, Quix.C) – Download

Relevance of information quality studies in information systems education in Australia (George.E, Gao.J) – Download

Research and industry synergies in data quality management (Sadiq.S, Indulska.M, Jayawardene.V) – Download

Rethinking data quality as an outcome of conceptual modeling choices (Lukyanenko.R, Parsons.J) – Download

Strategic alignment of information quality: Academic and practical views (Gackowski.Z.J) – Download

Subjective evaluation of believability in visualization of data (Abuhalimeh.A, Tudoreanu.M.E, Mustafa.T) – Download

Subjective image quality prediction based on neural network (Kaya.S, Milanova.M, Talburt.J.R, Tsou.B, Altynovac.M) – Download

The combined conceptual life cycle model of information quality in user perceptions of IQ on the web (Knight.S) – Download

The relationship between information quality and national cultural in Jordan (AL-Jaafreh.A.B.S) – Download

Towards a process for total information risk management (Borek.A, Parlikad.A.K, Woodall.P) – Download

Towards a quality model for semantic IS standards (Folmer.E, Soest.J) – Download

Trusted data markets and the role of data quality (Becker.D) – Download

Using bug reports as a software quality measure (Yu.L, Ramaswamy.S, Nair.A) – Download

World oil reserves data: information quality assessment analysis (Yiliyasi.Y, Berleant.D) – Download