Location: CNAM, Paris, France, November 16-17 2012

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2012 MIT ICIQ

An investigation into data quality root cause analysis (Woodall.P, Koronios.A, Gao.J, Parlikad.A.K, George.E) – Download

APC-Simulator: Demonstrating the effects of technical and semantic errors in the accuracy of hospital reporting (Laine.S) – Download

Assessing accuracy degradation over time with a Markov-Chain model (Wechsler.A, Even.A) – Download

Calydat: A methodology for evaluating data quality dimensions based on data profiling techniques (Iznaga.Y, Guerra.C, Caballero.I) – Download

Checking and repairing the quality of information in databases by inconsistency metrics (Decker.H) – Download

Customised data quality improvement (Woodall.P, Borel.A, Parlikad.A.K) – Download

Data provenance and financial systemic risk (Seligman.L, Brady.S, Blaustein.B, Mutchler.P, Chapman.A, Worrell.C) – Download

Designing business processes able to satisfy data quality requirements (Caro.A, Rodríguez.A, Cappiello.C, Caballero.I) – Download

Determinants of accuracy in the context of clinical study data (Nahm.M, Bonner.J, Reed.P.L, Howard.K) – Download

Domain knowledge based quality for business process models (Ayad.S, Cherfi.S.S) – Download

Impact of conceptual modeling approaches on information quality: Theory and empirical evidence (Lukyanenko.R, Parsons.J) – Download

Information quality assessment in Korean asset managing organization – Using a product perspective (Haider.A, Lee.S.H) – Download

Introducing data and information quality principles in today’s college curriculum via an introductory probability and statistics course (Rybolt.W, Pipino.L) – Download

IQ: Purpose and dimensions (Illari.P, Floridi.L) – Download

Key-based blocking of duplicates in entity-independent probabilistic data (Panse.F, Wingerath.W, Friedrich.S, Ritter.N) – Download

Knowledge acquisition from and semantic variability in Schizophrenia clinical trial data (Nahm.M) – Download

Measuring information quality on the internet a user perspective (Blattmann.O, Kaltenrieder.P, Haupt.P, Myrach.T) – Download

Organizational issues in establishing master data management function (Vilminko-Heikkinen.R, Pekkola.S) – Download

Quality of social media data and implications of social media for data quality (Shankaranarayanan.G, Iyer.B, Stoddard.D) – Download

RDFreduce: Supporting diverse knowledge perspectives on heterogeneous data sources in the industrial systems domain (Lettner.C, Schmeissl.D, Kirchmayr.W, Habringer.M, Kokert.F, Pichler.M) – Download

Research on the role of social media and motivation to use in the local community (Tanaka.Y, Kodate.A) – Download

The effect of missing data on classification quality (Feldman.M, Even.A, Parmet.Y) – Download

The many faces of information and their impact on information quality (Batini.C, Palmonari.M, Viscusi.G) – Download

The state of information and data quality efforts in today’s organizations (Pierce.E, Yonke.C.L, Malik.P, Nargaraj.C.K) – Download

Towards expertise modelling for routing data cleaning tasks within a community of knowledge workers (Hassan.U, O’Riain.S, Curry.E) – Download

Towards high quality automotive product configuration data using meta-rules (Berndt.R, Zitterell.D) – Download

Towards the use of model checking for performing data consistency evaluation and cleansing (Mezzanzanica.M, Cesarini.M, Mercorio.F, Boselli.R) – Download