Location: The School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, August 1-3, 2014

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2014 MIT ICIQ

A Data Cleaning Switch Technology Based on Cloud Model (Zhou.X, Diao.X, Cao.J) – Download

A Framework for Collecting and Managing Entity Identity Information from Social Media (Mahata.D, Talburt.J.R) – Download

A Multi-tiered Medical Data-Mining and Visualization Framework for Rule Investigations (Wu.I.C, Chen.T.L, Cheng.Y.L, Chiou.S.S, Feng.Y.Y) – Download

An Investigation of How Data Quality is Affected by Dataset Size in the Context of Big Data Analytics (Woodall.P, Borek.A, Gao.J, Oberhofer.M, Koronios.A) – Download

An Investigation of the Factors Influencing Information Quality: From the Expectation-Perception Perspective(Li.Y, Liu.Y, Zhang.H, Sun.W, Huang.W) – Download

A Qualitative Study Exploring Users’ Perception of Information Management Challenges in the Cloud (George.E, Gao.J) – Download

Biography of Data: A Societal Level Perspective On Data Quality (Eshraghian.F, Lloyd.A.D, Harwood.S.A) – Download

Can Online Word-of-Mouth Communication Reveal True Product Quality? (Hu.N, Pavlou.P.A, Zhang.J) – Download

Comparison of LSA And LDA in Data Quality/Information Quality Research (Zhang.T, Wu.Y, Huang.W) – Download

Credit Risk Analysis of Taiwan’s Financial Sector with Data Mining Method (Chang.A, ShuYan, Tuo.W.M.H) – Download

Data Mining Techniques for Credit Card Risk Management (Tsaur.W.G, Yeh.H.M, Huh.C.L) – Download

Develop Cooperate Event Model for Marketing Prediction of Crm: Data Mining Approach (Shih-Shiunn.C, Chung-Ling.H, Mei-Hua.C) – Download

Different Models on Credit Card Overdue Customer Classification Analysis – A Case Study of A Bank in Taiwan (HuangKuo-Yu, Chi-Te.S) – Download

Do CDOs Matter? Assessing the Value of CDO Presence in Firm Performance (Xu.F, Zhang.H.Y, Huang.W) – Download

Forecasting E-Commerce Trend in Indonesia (Shia.B.C, Ramdansyah.A.D,Wang.S) – Download

Improving the Quality of Entity Resolution for School Enrollment Data through Affinity Scores (Kobayashi.F, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Iterative Approach to Weight Calculation in Probabilistic Entity Resolution (Wang.P, Pullen.D, Talburt.J.R, Wu.N) – Download

Managing Data Quality for Information Systems Combination from Different Data Sources (Liu.Q, Feng.G, Wang.N) – Download

Methods and Models to Support Consistent Representation of Information Product Maps (Heien.C, Wu.N, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Modeling Corporate Credit rating under Basel II: Data Mining Application (Tsaur.W.G, Yeh.H.M, Huh.C.L) – Download

More than “Relevance” – Multi-Dimensional Information Quality Enhancement for Next Generation Search Engine (Yang.A, Gao.J, Koronios.A) – Download

Quality Evaluation of Hyperspectral Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Classification Application (Sun.L, Xu.D, Chen.X) – Download

Relationship Type Based Connection Strength Model for Relationship-based Entity Resolution (Mingchao.T, Xingcun.D, Jianjun.C) – Download

Research on the Credibility of Media Information—— A Case Study on Malaysia Flight MH370 Incident (Cai.L, Zhu.Y) – Download

Selecting Data Quality Requirements for each different Web Functionalities (Guerra-García.C, Caballero.I, Piattini.M) – Download

Service Level Agreement for Data Quality Governed By ISO 8000-1X0 (Caballero.I, Parody.L, Bermejo.I, López.M.T.G, Gasca.R.M, Piattini.M) – Download

The Impact of Community Resources on Sustainability: Descriptive Statistical Analyses of Online Social Communities (Wu.Y, Zhang.P, Liu.Y.W, Huang.W) – Download

The Quantitative Research of Chinese E-Commerce Market Based On Information Entropy and Correlation Analysis (Wang.S, Cao.Z, Ramdansyah.A.D) – Download

The Study of Target-Marketing Model: A Case of Data Mining in Consumer Credit Card Industry (Shih-Shiunn.C, Huan-Wen.S, Tsao.P) – Download

Your Words Count: Investigating Inconsistency in Reviews from Multiple Online Sources Via Topic Modeling (Liu.F, Wu.N) – Download