Location: MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA, USA, July 24, 2015

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2015 MIT ICIQ

A Framework for Collecting, Extracting and Managing Event Identity Information from Twitter (Mahata.D, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Information product: How information consumers’ perception of ‘Fitness for use’ can be affected (Eshraghian.F, Harwood.S.A) – Download

Measuring Sociocultural Factors of Success in Information Quality Projects (Williams.T.L, Becker.D.K, Robinson.C, Redman.T.C, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Self-healing customer data quality issues through interpretation of unstructured data – text mining and machine learning applied -Project Irene (Chandrasekaran.K, Clement.D) – Download

Statistical Quality Control Framework for Crowd-Worker in ER-In-house Crowdsourcing System (Saberi.M, Hussain.O.K, Chang.E) – Download

Confidence rating for interactive identity resolution (Kobayashi.F, Talburt.J.R) – Download

A visualization system to support clerical review, correction, and confirmation assertions in entity identity information management (Chen.C, Pullen.D, Talburt.J.R) – Download

Reference model for transparent data supply (Laine.S, Lee.C) – Download

Timestamp accuracy in healthcare business process improvement (Laine.S, Soikkeli.J, Ruohonen.T, Nieminen.M) – Download

An objective measurement of information value using application traces in infomediary: A case study of credit reporting system in China (Song.M, Wang.J) – Download

Data quality in analytics: Key problems arising from the repurposing of manufacturing data (Woodall.P, Wainman.A) – Download