Location: University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain, June 21-23, 2016

Research Papers from the Proceedings of the 2016 MIT ICIQ

Designing Information Governance with a Focus on Competence Management in a Knowledge-Intensive Project Organization (Erkka Niemi, Sami Laine) – Download

Big Data Quality – Towards an Explanation Model (Markus Helfert, Mouzhi Ge) – Download

Assessment of information-driven decision-making in the SME (Xileidys Parra, Xavier Tort-Martorell) – Download

The Role of Data Quality in Business Intelligence – An empirical study in German medium-sized and large companies (Karin Hartl, Olaf Jacob) – Download

Big Data, Data Loss and Observation Analysis (Gerald Frizelle, Philip Woodall) – Download

Data Quality Problems in ETL: The State of the Practice in Large Organisations (Philip Woodall, Alexander Borek, Martin Oberhofer, Jing Gao) – Download

Open Research Issues and Emerging Research Directions in Data Quality for Public Health (Arun Sundararaman, Srinivasan Valady Ramanathan) – Download

A case study on assessing the organizational maturity of data management, data quality management and data governance by means of MAMD (Ana G. Carretero, Alberto Freitas, Ricardo Correia) – Download

Information Quality Challenges in Industry 4.0 (Nils Gruschka, Jens Luessem) – Download