Wireless Network Frequently-asked Questions

Can I still use the old UALR wireless network?

Yes. If you have difficulty using the new UALR-WiFi network, you can still connect to the old network, but we plan to phase it out after we help everyone get on the new networks.

Has wireless coverage increased at UALR?

No. In the future, we hope to upgrade with more modern wireless access points, deliver much wider wireless coverage, faster speeds, and support many more simultaneous devices.

How do I unlock my NetID account if it is locked out?

Too many failed log-in attempts may lock your account. Refer to these instructions for unlocking your account.

How is the new UALR-WiFi wireless network different?

The main difference is that you log in once for your device and do not need to re-login again for the entire semester. The new UALR-WiFi network also uses strong encryption, which helps to secure your wireless device and information while using UALR networks.

Is the new UALR-WiFi faster?

No. In the future, we hope to upgrade the wireless hardware to more modern equipment, providing a speed increase. The purpose of the new UALR-WiFi and UALR-IoT networks is to make getting connected and staying connected simple.

May I create my own personal Wi-Fi network at UALR?

Creating and using separate personal WiFi networks at UALR causes interference with the wireless network and results in diminished quality and reliability. Therefore, creating and using personal networks at UALR is not permitted.

May I have an ad-hoc wireless network to connect two computers?

Computers set up to use ad-hoc networking are still broadcasting on the same radio frequencies as the UALR wireless networks and will cause interference. We have created two new wireless networks (UALR-WiFi and UALR-IoT) to make device-to-device communication simple.

May I use my game console on the wireless network?

Yes, we have created a special wireless network for your wireless things named UALR-IoT (Internet of Things). Game consoles, wearables, health trackers, Roku, AppleTV, printers, smart televisions, and other wireless devices can be added to the UALR-IoT network easily.

What are best practices for securely using devices on a network?

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our IT Security standards and policies.

Why can I no longer access the wireless network (UALR-WiFi) after I changed my NetID password?

If you change your NetID password, devices previously registered to use UALR-WiFi or UALR-IoT may prompt you to re-enter your password. If you can no longer access the wireless network after resetting your password, try removing or forgetting the UALR-WiFi or UALR-IoT wireless networks and rejoining to the network.

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