Mobile Devices

You can use the Gmail app on Android or iPhone to access your UA Little Rock Email using the same credentials you use to check your mail on the web (your Net 2.0 credentials). You can also use those credentials if your email client of choice has an option to sign in with a Google account.

To find your Net 2.0 credentials visit the Personal Information > Change Passwords or View Usernames screen in BOSS.

If your client does not have a Google sign-in option, note the information below and visit Google’s help center to learn more about accessing your UA Little Rock Google Mail account using IMAP or Google Sync on your mobile device.

General Settings

Access to your Google mailbox from a mobile device or other third-party client using your NetID 2.0 credentials:

  • Username: Your full email address (e.g., is your client user name used to log in.
  • Password: See the Personal Information > Change Passwords or View Usernames screen in BOSS.

Troubleshooting a locked account

If too many failed password attempts are made on your mail account, Google may place a lock preventing you from logging in with a mail client. To remove the lock, use Google’s account verification / unlock page.

Follow these steps after verifying or resetting your Mail password:

  1. On the Google account verification log-in page, enter your full email address (do not enter your password at this time) and click the Sign in button.
  2. On the UA Little Rock log-in page, enter your NetID username and password and click the Log in button.
  3. On the Additional Verification page, click the Continue button.
  4. Log into your mail account on your mail client to verify the lock has been removed.