Amazon packages

Amazon rarely uses the United States Postal Service to ship packages. Although Amazon employs a few full-time delivery drivers to deliver packages, they primarily contract with independent delivery drivers or what Amazon calls “Flex Drivers.” Flex Drivers operate much like an UBER driver; they pick up and deliver packages as their schedule allows.

Flex Drivers have been delivering packages to our campus and since they are unfamiliar with the location of UA Little Rock’s buildings, Amazon packages are often delivered to the wrong location. Please understand that these delivery drivers operate as independent contractors for Amazon and have no connection to either Mail Services or UA Little Rock. Flex Drivers are paid very well for delivering packages and they are supposed to secure a signature of the person to whom the package is addressed before leaving.

Please DO NOT accept delivery from an Amazon driver for any package other than your own. By signing for someone else’s package, you are taking personal responsibility for delivering the package to whom it is addressed. If you mistakenly sign for an Amazon package that is not yours, please notify me and I will contact Amazon to help resolve the matter. Amazon is aware of the problem on our campus and is working to find a solution.

If you have any questions, please contact Dale Fonville, director of Mail services, at 501-916-6626.

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