Come learn about Ethics Bowl Team 8/21!

Welcome to the new semester! If you’re interested in being involved in UALR’s Ethics Bowl team this year, we will be having our first meeting:

Friday, August 21, at 1pm in the Philosophy Department lounge, Stabler 307
If you’d like more information, contact Dr. Michael Norton (569-3312, or simply come to the meeting on Friday. If you can’t make it to the meeting but are interested in participating in Ethics Bowl, please let him know.

The Ethics Bowl is a venue that encourages engagement in serious moral discourse. Teams consider and discuss cases drawn from current events, which range from social and political issues to environmental concerns, from professional worries to issues arising in the college classroom. Teams from colleges and universities across the country compete at the regional level, and winners then go to the national finals where one team emerges victorious. Teams have a couple of months to prepare the cases, though they do not know the actual question associated with a case until they face another team. Emphasis is on reasoning and the ability to engage in moral discourse rather than on persuasion. The scores of three judges who are recruited from both the academy and the professions determine winners of matches. The competition can be fierce and the winning margins tight. Still, the atmosphere is unceasingly civil and collegial. Although UALR has only had a team for four years, ours is already one of the top in the country. We have competed at the national level twice, and in 2015 we were one of four finalists for the Ethics Bowl’s Spirit Award.


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