New Supplier Onboarding Process

The University of Arkansas System has partnered with PaymentWorks to enhance supplier onboarding. PaymentWorks is a business identity platform that gives suppliers a streamlined process for managing their profile and contact information, securely entering and updating their banking information, selecting their preferred payment method, viewing their payment status and history, and updating essential documents for taxes, insurance, and various certificates.

Supplier Onboarding Overview:

  1. The requisition requestors in the department will initiate an invitation to the supplier via PaymentWorks, located on the Microsoft My Apps page. Please note that suppliers will only be able to register if an invitation has been sent from a UA Little Rock requisition requestor.
  2. Suppliers will receive an email from PaymentWorks inviting them to register and enter all of their information safely and securely.
  3. This information is then verified or validated by PaymentWorks to protect the UA System from any potential fraud and mitigate compliance risks.
  4. After the verification is complete, the supplier’s information is routed to the Procurement Services supplier management team for final review and approval.
  5. Pending approval, the supplier is assigned a supplier number in Workday and is ready for campus use.

PaymentWorks is scheduled to go live Wednesday, October 26, 2022, and Workday Learning training will be assigned to each requisition requestor on campus to complete. The training can be located on the Workday homepage under the “Timely Suggestions” section toward the bottom of the webpage. Once the training is completed each user will be given access to the PaymentWorks app.

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